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0000102Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-08-15 23:21
ReporterSam Assigned Togoodguy  
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Product Version2018-12 
Target VersionFixed in Version2019-01 
Summary0000102: Fast D&D moves audio media into the video track
DescriptionI found a bug regarding fast Drag & Drop and moving grouped media.

In the previous version (I don't know how long ago that was) I could move the video vertically between several video tracks with fast D&D, audio always stayed in the audio track. Now the audio file moves to the video track.

This original behavior I thought also works with grouped media, but that's not the case. I can't move grouped media as dynamically as I can with Fast D&D.
In this video you can see the desired behavior when grouping video and audio and moving them in the timeline.

In PP the audio clip stays in the same track even if I move the group (the mouse is in the video track) vertically, only if I slide the mouse in the audio track area the audio clip also moves in the vertical position. This only works in my example if the audio track is below the video track. Would it be possible to correct this with the groupings so that it works as in fast D&D (without bug) or as in PP?
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2019-08-15 23:20

administrator   ~0002021

The bug with the FastDrag was indeed satisfactorily fixed.

However, moving it the way I showed it in the videos doesn't work with grouped footage. The grouping function is only of limited use because a group of video and audio files can never be moved vertically, but that's exactly what is sometimes necessary, that's why other NLEs allow it. Moving only videos without an audio track in the vertical position doesn't make sense. In my opinion both should be possible, moving in vertical and horizontal position. FastDrag shows the desired feature perfectly, it would be very useful to include this code in "Grouping".


2019-08-15 22:52

manager   ~0002020

It looks like the grouping feature was implemented in a satisfactory and this bug fixed too.


2019-01-09 18:30

administrator   ~0000544

Thank you for fixing the bug. In fast D&D it works as usual.

Moving grouped video & audio media should behave exactly like in Fast D&D. Without these features you can't really move grouped video & audio media in the vertical position if you have multiple video tracks and only two audio tracks, which is common. It doesn't have to behave like in PP, it would be enough if it behaves like in fast D&D. I don't know if you can adapt the existing code for it.


2019-01-09 18:10

manager   ~0000543

Sam: "I found a bug regarding fast Drag & Drop and moving grouped media." Dropping of video on audio track bug is fixed.
Warning - every time gg works on this code, things change (unfortunately, but the code is complicated) so sorry for that - just let us know.

Still contemplating the group operation you recommended.

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