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0000120Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-09-05 01:28
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PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version18.3
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Summary0000120: Cannot render Blu-ray to project settings
DescriptionI import a UHD file at 25p, and set the project format to match.
Then when I do blu-ray render, a) it doesn´t show any UHD formats, and b) it shows a HD format but not 25p .
I do not know if there is a restriction in codecs, according to Wikipedia ( the UHD format is supported.
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2020-09-05 01:28

reporter   ~0003991

may be I should split this into its won issue ("Support tsmuxer as alternative to bdwrite")? At least I looked again at tsmuxer git and found there
"Support for HDMV descriptors is now selectable at runtime"
in description it says:
"--hdmv-descriptors Use HDMV descriptors instead of ITU-T H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1
descriptors. Activated automatically for BD muxing."

Note there is gui (Qt) and console version of this utility, I think console one can be used without much effort?


2020-02-10 01:03

reporter   ~0002795

little update - it seems constantly get fixes for UHD/HDR blu-rays .... So if original reporter still around - may be retesting this specific muxer while using CinGG just for encoding will help to find out if there is already working open-source support for at least this stage (muxing to iso file) of BD creation, even if not yet integrated in CinGG itself?


2019-11-09 03:56

reporter   ~0002449

actually, mpegts.h from ffmpeg already uses #define STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_HEVC 0x24


2019-11-09 03:37

reporter   ~0002448

comments ..:( I mean my comment 0002447
 was two quotes from another site, yet formatting not survived ..

lets try this "%%" trick from

>To let the parser ignore an area completely (ie. do no formatting on it), enclose the area either with nowiki tags or even simpler, with double percent >signs %%.


2019-11-09 03:32

reporter   ~0002447

additional info

recently open-sourced tsMuxer has some support for UHD muxing, bug bugs exist

(info relative to tsMuxer's sources)

Hi all, before all I thank the tsMuxer developer for his fantastic software, and for accepting to release the source code.

Originally Posted by jdobbs View Post
it misses frames, or more accurately it thinks some frames are a part of a previous frame and muxes them as a part of it. The result is a stream that gets progressively more out of sync (at least those that are encoded for blu-ray UHD by X265)
There is a bug creating unsynchronized AV with some HEVC files, due to insufficient size of coded picture buffer.
In brief, when reading a nal the end of the buffer is reached before finding the next nal start_code, and the PTS is not incremented for this nal.

(Edit: correction changed)
I have corrected the bug on my side by simply changing the line 7 in avPacket.h from:

const static int MAX_AV_PACKET_SIZE = 32768;


const static int MAX_AV_PACKET_SIZE = 800000;

I am not a developer and have limited coding knowledge, so I won't submit a patch.



Originally Posted by jdobbs View Post
It also uses the wrong stream type
Replace lines 41 and 42 in tsPacket.h

//static const uint8_t STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_H265 = 0x24;
static const uint8_t STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_H265 = 0x06;


static const uint8_t STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_H265 = 0x24;
// static const uint8_t STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_H265 = 0x25; /* HEVC conforming to profile */

Edit note: should normally be 0x25, but seems to be 0x24 in UHD Blu-rays


2019-02-18 16:24

manager   ~0000939

Update: so that this does not get lost, when looking for a possibility refer to Andrew's email of Fri, Feb 15, 5:29 PM (2019) which will be archived in PiperMail with the title of:

"In support of issue 0000120 (UHD blu-ray encoding/mastering)"

It could be the key to a future resolution.


2019-02-01 00:17

manager   ~0000735

MatN: Unfortunately uhd standards for bluray seem to be proprietary. I spent a lot of time searching for definitive documentation but all of the bits and pieces added up to nothing usable. Terje did a lot of research and provided a lot of links back in 2017 to hopefully get this going. We need something like we used to get bluray built initially. This consisted of pieces from VLC libbluray + an actual iso file that we dug up for the blender project Sintel 2010 at:
That was the key piece and we would need similar types of libraries and media iso to get udh to work.


2019-01-30 21:22

reporter   ~0000720

Maybe HEVC is required for 25p ?

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