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0000120Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-02-18 16:25
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PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version18.3
Product Version2018-12 
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Summary0000120: Cannot render Blu-ray to project settings
DescriptionI import a UHD file at 25p, and set the project format to match.
Then when I do blu-ray render, a) it doesn´t show any UHD formats, and b) it shows a HD format but not 25p .
I do not know if there is a restriction in codecs, according to Wikipedia ( the UHD format is supported.
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2019-02-18 16:24

manager   ~0000939

Update: so that this does not get lost, when looking for a possibility refer to Andrew's email of Fri, Feb 15, 5:29 PM (2019) which will be archived in PiperMail with the title of:

"In support of issue 0000120 (UHD blu-ray encoding/mastering)"

It could be the key to a future resolution.


2019-02-01 00:17

manager   ~0000735

MatN: Unfortunately uhd standards for bluray seem to be proprietary. I spent a lot of time searching for definitive documentation but all of the bits and pieces added up to nothing usable. Terje did a lot of research and provided a lot of links back in 2017 to hopefully get this going. We need something like we used to get bluray built initially. This consisted of pieces from VLC libbluray + an actual iso file that we dug up for the blender project Sintel 2010 at:
That was the key piece and we would need similar types of libraries and media iso to get udh to work.


2019-01-30 21:22

reporter   ~0000720

Maybe HEVC is required for 25p ?

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