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0000121Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2019-05-06 23:21
ReporterMatNAssigned ToSam 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version18.3
Product Version2018-12 
Target VersionFixed in Version2019-02 
Summary0000121: Add Bohdi Linux to the download section, like AVLinux
DescriptionBohdi Linux is like AVLinux a dedicated distro for multimedia. It is Ubuntu based. Just now version 5.0.0 has come out, and that now includes Cinelerra. It is an ISO download, at . I do not know if it will pick up releases automatically, probably not, and the included release would be 2018-12 .
I suggest to add it to the download page, and also on the bottom of the home page, like AVLinux.

I came across it when searching for reviews to reference in Cinelerra´s Wikipedia page, and found this:
where it writes that Blender is all you need for video editing. The author was unaware of Cinelerra, which I corrected :-)

I don´t know which version of Cinelerra is in the current AVLinux .
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2019-05-06 23:21

manager   ~0001505

Logo is added now - so moving from Resolved to Closed.


2019-02-26 15:07

administrator   ~0001028

The link on the download page has been added, so this ticket is done.


2019-01-31 19:34

administrator   ~0000729

Thank you so much for your efforts.
I corrected the name and added the link in the footer. As soon as I have the logo I will add it.


2019-01-31 15:13

reporter   ~0000726

Duh, I need more sleep and/of coffee.
The name is "Bodhi Linux Media" , I had reversed the d and h .


2019-01-31 10:47

reporter   ~0000725

@Sam, no hurry (link is OK), but the name of this is "Bohdi Linux Media", not "Bohdi Linux" . My mistake. It is a specialized version of Bohdi Linux, which is itself based on Ubuntu 18.04 .


2019-01-31 06:59

reporter   ~0000724

Looks good Sam, thanks. I´ll ask if he has a nice icon like for AVLinux to put there.
Can you also put it in the vertical list at the bottom of the page? Just to make it visible from the front page if you scroll down.


2019-01-30 22:31

administrator   ~0000721

I'm pretty sure they use our version because it also uses the program icon I created.
Thanks @MatN :) for the info, I find the information useful and linked it on the download page.

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