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0000130Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-02-08 00:30
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Product Version2019-01 
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Summary0000130: XYZ Color
DescriptionWhile editing yesterday's video I came up with a small suggestion for improvement.

Currently I have only one monitor in use and therefore little space for many windows and for this reason I can't use the "Show Overlays" window.

Please have a look at the photomontage.
It would be great if in the lower field the color of the letter takes on the color of the line. So I can see which line I am moving. With this small change I immediately see which line I am adjusting.
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2019-02-08 00:30


XYZ-color.jpg (71,325 bytes)
XYZ-color.jpg (71,325 bytes)

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