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0000150Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-09-01 00:22
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Summary0000150: Import into folder
DescriptionI've become a big fan of the features of own folders. With it I create order in my project and keep the overview with larger projects. One thing that bothers me when working with folders is the import of media. I can import the media, but I have to re-sort the imported media, i.e. manually copy it to the desired folder. This takes a lot of time.

It would be better if I could determine the folder during the import, because I already know in which folder I want to store these files. I have attached a photomontage which shows very well what I mean by that. There is already various import strategy in the load window, I would add another one to the one of importing directly into a folder. With few files this feature is irrelevant, with larger projects this feature is a blessing. With this feature I already create order when importing the files.
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2020-08-30 06:34

reporter   ~0003950

Very good idea: +1
Another possibility of integration is to use the resources window.
I think this one would be well suited for importing media from a directory.
To do this, it would suffice to create a directory in GG, press the 'Add folder' button, select your media directory and use the selection filter to choose the media concerned.

ressource windows.png (51,320 bytes)
ressource windows.png (51,320 bytes)


2020-08-11 12:03

updater   ~0003906

I would like to see it implemented; maybe with the possibility to create folders inside folders.


2019-03-01 01:20


Folder-insert.jpg (118,140 bytes)
Folder-insert.jpg (118,140 bytes)

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