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0000165Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-06-05 21:19
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Summary0000165: Improved "Find in resources" command
DescriptionAt this moment if from a location on the timeline you choose the command Find in resources" from the context menu, the source media concerned is identified in blue. "Source Traget" then displays all the targets of this identified source.

However in some cases there can be really many targets for the same source, like when working in multi-camera mode for a long show.

Would it be possible to improve the "Find in resources" command by offering the possibility that it displays directly in the Viewer the good passage (target) of the source ?
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related to 0000167 assignedgoodguy Automatic resynchronization of the video and audio tracks of a timeline clip 


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