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0000167Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-31 20:15
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Summary0000167: Automatic resynchronization of the video and audio tracks of a timeline clip
DescriptionI have searched the Cinelerra menus and manuals and I can't find if there is an automatic resynchronization option between the audio and video tracks of a timeline clip.

Here when I talk about synchronization I mean the relative position of the sound and image, as it was (and still is) on the source media from which a timeline clip originates.

Situation: It happens that voluntarily, by wrong operation or by an operating bug, the sound of a timeline clip is no longer attached to the video track exactly as it was on the clip source.

When later on, we want to bring the relationship of the sound and image of this clip back into "synchronization" such as on the source media, sometimes it is easy but other times it is more difficult. However, the reference of this synchronization still exists on the source.

Would it be possible to create an option to automatically resynchronize the audio and video tracks of a timeline clip, as it is still on the source media, either by automatically moving (slip) one or both audio tracks according to the image or vice versa, moving (slip) the image track according to one of the original sound tracks?
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related to 0000165 new Improved "Find in resources" command 




2019-03-31 20:15

updater   ~0001276

I will wait for detailed instructions, because for the moment I can't get anything working.

Maybe the sound (very charged and repetitive sound atmosphere) doesn't allow a good analysis, but when I use "Match All" the moved tracks are not at all synchronous.

With "Move", it's worse the clip doesn't move at all and the calculation doesn't seem to be done.

Phyllis if I could, I would give you access to my source media and my xml file, but it's impossible, it's too big ;169.2 GB, it's more than my monthly Internet account...


2019-03-31 15:37

administrator   ~0001272

@PhyllisSmith Thanks, it works fine :-)


2019-03-31 02:11

manager   ~0001269

Sam: "Insert mixers" is now an option in the Resources window - right mouse button on media to open the mixers on new tracks at the insert point.
Pierre: there is a new Mint18 build available at:
IgorB: there is a new Ubuntu16 build available at:

@Everyone: the "Match" works as previously documented and shown. There are now 2 new options of "Match All" and "Move" BUT I have not had the chance to document them yet because gg changes things as he codes and I can not always keeps up. I am working on it and do not expect to get it done tonight unfortunately. Here is a short description:
- Match All -- if you have several mixers, instead of only picking 1 to match, it picks the best match for EACH of the mixer tracks based on a single master track. So when you hit Apply, each track might move differently. You do not set In/Out points but you have to make a selection within which to match.
- Move -- this is very handy if you have an edit somewhere that you need to fix specifically. In this case you have to select (like you do a group, but do not make a group) and you can just "Move" that set only - everything else stays where it is.

BEST NEWS of ALL -- use Checkpoint button to save checkpoints so you can go back to where you may have made a mistake and start over.


2019-03-27 20:49

manager   ~0001262

Actually I think that what gg is implementing for issue 160 is what is needed.


2019-03-17 15:54

manager   ~0001233

Maybe we can find a better way. Marking as related to issue 0000165.


2019-03-17 01:36

updater   ~0001228

Well, after more tests, my procedure doesn't seem to work every time.... It was too simple....


2019-03-17 00:41

updater   ~0001226

Actually, I found a simpler method:

Simply select the clip (from the timeline) that has lost its synchronization, then use the context menu "Find in resources". If the number of clips extracted from this source is not large, it will be possible by Src Target to determine and display the segment concerned in the Viewer. Then simply use the "Overlay" Viewer command to easily replace the unsynchronized track of the selected timeline clip.

Here it is clear that an improvement of the "Find in resources" function to more easily identify the right segment of the source would be useful. This could be colored differently on the Src Target screen.


2019-03-16 23:57

manager   ~0001224

From my understanding of what GG has explained to me, if not using "align edits" because it is not simply a matter of realigning the edges, then the easiest method to synchronize is with the use of "Show edit".
You would right mouse click the Video track and record the "Start Source" and "Start Project" numerical values.
Then do the same for the Audio track. You should be able to subtract the numbers and use them to realign between the 2 with the aid of the zoombar Selection start time values.

Does this solve synchronization easy enough? GG thinks so but I am not so sure.

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