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0000181Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-06-14 16:11
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Product Version2019-02 
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Summary0000181: Swap conetx menu keys
DescriptionI have a request that is very important to me. Thanks to the clip-related context menu in the timeline, working has become much easier. I use the clip-related context menu (press mouse wheel) in the timeline 80% to 90% and the context menu for video or audio track (right mouse button) only 10 to 20%. Since I'm used to other NLE's always using the mouse right click and it almost drives me crazy that it's now the mouse wheel (I was conditioned 20 years on that it's always the mouse right click). The mouse wheel button is also a little harder to press. I think it's not just me, but also other users and especially new users, I would suggest to swap these keys. The context menu which is often used should be put on the right mouse button and that is in my case the copy actions of the individual clips in the timeline.

The context menu for clips in the timeline can be opened with a right mouse click and the context menu for tracks with the middle mouse wheel.
I would suggest to add another menu item to the clip context menu, the Track submenu. This opens the context menu for the track. I don't think many new users would think of using the mouse wheel to use this context menu. It would be a great help for new users. With this small improvement we make the handling of Cinelerra more intuitive.

Here are the advantages:

- New users will immediately find their way around, because they know it from other NLE's ready.
- I see that there is a second context menu, which I can also open with the middle mouse button.
- I can access all options from one context menu if I have a mouse without a working mouse wheel. Happened to me two weeks ago when my mouse broke. That was also the reason for my first anger about it.
- Through this small change, Cinelerra will be more intuitive to use.




2019-04-01 13:07

administrator   ~0001278

Okay, Thnx


2019-04-01 12:52

reporter   ~0001277

Sam: “Point B. Unfortunately I did not understand this suggestion.”

Sam, you are right. I always explain bad.
I try to explain better my point B (that I don’t like).

Let’s say that Menu-TRK is the menu with Attach_effect…..Match_output_size, and Menu-CLP is the menu with Clear_Select…..Overwrite_Plugins (and the red circle with cross when press the mouse button).

1) if the “Drag and Drop editing mode” is enabled:
1.1) RMB use the Menu-CLP
1.2) MMB use the Menu-TRK

2) if the “Cut and Paste editing mode” is enabled:
2.1) RMB use the Menu-TRK (as it is now)
2.2) MMB use the Menu-CLP (as it is now)

So, you can enable the mode “Drag...” or “Cut...” with left mouse button and the RMB is contextual to the different mode.


2019-03-31 17:58

administrator   ~0001275

No problem, Igor, you can always give your honest opinion, I have nothing against it. Such discussions often lead to better results.

Point A: I can live with this solution. I think the idea is really good, so users can choose how the right mouse button behaves.
Point B: I don't understand exactly the reason why it should change automatically. Unfortunately I did not understand this suggestion.
Point C: Why not make a reference to the other context menu in both context menus? It doesn't have to be a submenu, it can be a context menu switch. That would mean jumping to the other context menu. Then it is uniform. The MMB refers to the RMB and the RMB refers to the MMB. So every beginner can see there is another context menu.


2019-03-31 17:33

reporter   ~0001274

I understand that MMB is not a comfortable operation. Usually, in many CAD and 3D software, like AutoCAD, Blender, Rhinoceros, Solidworks, FreeCAD, the MMB is used to navigate in the 3D space.
I understand you, Sam, but IMHO your suggestion is not a good idea, sorry. I try to explain why, by an objective point of view, I hope (nothing against you, of course).
(I refer to the current menus)
1) all the options in the MMB menu have a shortcut; the options in RMB menu not.
2) to have a submenu in a complex menu like now MMB is, it is not efficient: focus on a submenu option is difficult.
3) the RMB menu is very similar at the original Cinelerra-HV-CV-CVE, so a user that want to try to use Cinelerra-GG is more comfortable, I think: him can find the old functions (where them were) and the new (reading the Manual).

I would like to suggest three alternatives:
A) to add a new option “Swap MMB with RMB on Timeline” in Preferences-> Flags so an user can choose.
B) when in “Drag and drop editing mode” the MMB menu is swapped with RMB automatically. (I don’t like it, it is not coherent)
C) the MMB menu is an option (become a submenu) of the RMB menu. Like Sam’s description but inverted. (I don’t like it, see point 2 above)

As always, that is only my modest opinion.


2019-03-31 12:26


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