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0000191Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-04-09 09:10
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Summary0000191: Removing unnecessary buttons
DescriptionThere is a trend in the big other NLE's to remove buttons that are not constantly used to make them easier to handle. The goal is to purify the already very complex programs. An example I notice very strongly with Cinelerra.

The FFmpeg button in the main window is always activated. I have no reason to use this button. For ergonomic reasons I would put this option in the settings and not in the main window of Cin-GG. In the main window I would only place buttons that are used regularly and often. I may also be wrong, but I don't think this button is often used by users. For this reason, I suggest to remove this button and set this option in the settings. It also suits my design to achieve a clearer surface.
I would also let the button "Show meters" disappear into the context menu of the viewer or the compositor. It is not an element that is used constantly and often. All other buttons make sense, but in my opinion this button could be removed and placed in the context menu or in the settings.
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2019-04-09 09:10

reporter   ~0001325

I understand you for the clear gui, but I don't think that hide the "Show meters" button is a good idea (for me). I could add: why don't hide the Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo icons by the Compositor? How many users use these five buttons by Compositor?
Usually, in others NLE you don't find these buttons, there (mmh, mumble mumble, or yes?). You find them in Timeline.
Moreover, Adobe Premiere have a lot of button that Cinelerra haven't, for example Roll, Slip, Slide and so on (I refer to the old Pro2 version, but also the new have it -I saw on Youtube- ).

After all, I think, that Cinelerra haven't so many button in the gui; instead it has a lot of shortcut like in Blender. ;-)
For example, to have a shortcut for "DVD Render..." and "BD Render..." I really don't understand (newly Off topic, sorry).


2019-04-09 08:36

manager   ~0001324

I forgot to mention that I like the idea with the audio mixer. A graphical view like this is certainly useful for the final mixing of the audio tracks.


2019-04-09 08:28

manager   ~0001323

I don't want that option to go away. "Show meters" should still be available, but in the context menu or in the settings. Cinelerra is overloaded with buttons that are rarely used. When I look at Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, they have many settings in menus. Their surface looks tidier. Only the very often used buttons appear in the graphical user interface. You said yourself that it is deactivated most of the time. So why should a button that is hardly used be visible all the time? It is enough for me if I can set this option via menus. We will never achieve a clear modern interface if we are not able to tidy up.


2019-04-09 08:14

reporter   ~0001322

For me "Show meters" button in the Compositor and in the Viewer is fundamental. In the Compositor I always use it to check the dB value. In the Viewer, "Show meters" mainly is disabled but sometimes to check "the spoke" (of a person) in a source video I see there.
For the FFmpeg button I can understand you but it do not disturb me: there is also CMD button together.

Instead I would like to have an Audio Mixers like in Lightworks. Maybe in a future.
Sorry, Off Topic.

LWKS-AudioMixers.jpg (22,999 bytes)
LWKS-AudioMixers.jpg (22,999 bytes)


2019-04-08 20:07


FFmpeg_button.jpg (5,960 bytes)
FFmpeg_button.jpg (5,960 bytes)
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