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0000211Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-06-01 23:29
ReporterminiskipperAssigned ToPhyllisSmith 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-05 
Summary0000211: hw dev "vdpau": png not rendered/displayed
DescriptionWhen setting the HW device to "vdpau" (or when rendering with cin_hw_dev=vdpau) png images are not displayed in composer and also not rendered.

Don't know if this is my fault or a maybe missing lib?

Decoder png does not support device type vdpau.
HW device init failed, using SW decode.
  err: Success
Steps To Reproduceset HW device to "vdpau" in settings, restart, load a png image, image is not displayed in composer
load a png file, render with cin_hw_dev=vdpau, afterwards png is not displayed in composer
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2019-05-08 07:04

reporter   ~0001515

Pngs are displayed and rendered (via sw) now. Thanks.


2019-05-07 17:57

manager   ~0001513

Fixed in the latest GIT checkin. I "think" this error is probably in the end of April builds in case anyone asks.
Included in the Ubuntu 16 build at:


2019-05-07 13:24

manager   ~0001512

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Good thing you reported this -- gg was unaware that it is not correctly reverting to the software.
This hardware acceleration needs more testing for decode.



2019-05-07 07:51

updater   ~0001509

Yes, me too.
Pngs are not supported by vdpau; but I think any image format is not supported.
I think GG is still working on the problem of displaying files.

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