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0000221Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2020-05-17 20:56
ReporterSam Assigned ToSam  
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Target VersionFixed in Version2020-05 
Summary0000221: Add new features to the website
DescriptionSo that I don't forget to add the following features to the feature website I have opened this ticket.

Tracer plugin, audio alignment and hardware acceleration.
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2020-05-17 20:56

administrator   ~0003439

Yes, thank you for the feedback, I am very pleased that you like the website.

Thanks for the hint, I have corrected the error with the user manual.


2020-05-17 18:15

manager   ~0003437

WOW, I had not rolled down on the Features page in a long time, probably because I am always in the bug tracker instead.

With all of the additions you have made since I last looked, which was most likely a year ago, the page looks so very professional. My favorite has always been the 10-Bit Color icon but now the blue Cin Render farm and the Video audio syn feature icons are a close second. I really like the Multi screen icon too and the fact that it is easy to click on to get a good view.

One problem - the Documentation link for the ShuttlePro & ShuttleXpress still has the lower case "manual" instead of the upper case "Manual". Probably then it could be closed so at least it makes it to the Closed queue.


2019-05-23 20:17

administrator   ~0001591

Thank you for pointing that out. The listing on the feature website is not urgent, because I'm busy creating the missing FFmpeg/New native plugin icons and the design anyway. Once he has added the features, I will also update the features page, even if it is in a few weeks.


2019-05-23 20:10

manager   ~0001590

The "sync to vblank" for nividia boards seems so significant for hardware acceleration it would be good to work that in some how so I added it locally to the manual in BIG letters in the hardware acceleration section.

Unfortunately, gg will not have time before this month's builds to investigate Andrew's suggestion of ffmpeg nvenc no longer being "non-free" to have Encoding for nvidia boards. It could be provide even more hardware acceleration.

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