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0000232Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-06-05 08:21
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Summary0000232: Resources: Enhance detailed views with useful information.
DescriptionThe detail views do not contain any useful information such as duration, dimensions or start and end points. The presented infos are a single confusion, as the screenshot shows - the video with the title "Pop Song" (this is one of those without a proper preview image) is by the way the only one in FullHD, all others are smaller and still smaller. But you don't recognize it. We get the time stamp of the file system, but not of the encoding of the video. The time stamp of the file system changes with every editing on file level, already by means of a simple touch. Furthermore, clicking on the clickable Title or Comment columns does not sort the information.
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2019-06-05 08:21

reporter   ~0001656

Please also consider the underlying concept as a whole:
- Resources: Show all text on mouse over 0000229
- Resources: Show effect info on mouse over 0000230
- Resources: A professional storyboard 0000233

"some users easily have a hundred files there" – it's all about these users, dedicated hobbyists, short film makers and documentary filmmakers. Without a well thought-out material management one will not be able to win these people over. The operating concept, which also includes informative and user-friendly administration, is by far the most important argument a cutting program can offer. (Here a poll on the topic:

I think programmers should be inspired by Media Composer in this respect, not without reason it is the most used editing system in the _professional_ area.


2019-06-05 00:51

administrator   ~0001655

I don't think the information is very useful either. The fact that the FPS is in the comment field is only a compromise, because no separate column was created for FPS. It would make more sense if I could sort the column like in the load window, but this would require additional columns. In Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve some more columns are displayed, which I can sort at any time and extend almost arbitrarily.

In my opinion it would make sense to display the following information as own columns: FPS, video duration, video resolution, audio information, video format, file size, and maybe some more infos.

I suspect that the additional columns are not possible for conceptual reasons, because with some categories in the resource window like video transitions, audio transitions, etc. the columns would not make sense. Software conceptually it may not make sense, but from the user's point of view these columns definitely make sense for certain categories like media, proxies, etc. The question is whether it wouldn't make sense to remove these resource window limitations in the medium term so that we can display more information category dependent in the future.


2019-06-04 23:47

manager   ~0001654

Initially in an email on November 23, 2017, a request was made to add the date and time stamp next to the Media file. A good reason was because "the gopro being used created several files per recording session and names them sorting-unfriendly". You can see this here:

Then, in this April 12, 2019 email from IgorB:[email protected]/msg00013.html it was suggested that fps, size, and codec be added in the Resources window next to the media name. That is why fps and codec were added but size was not added because it would not line up well so looked messy; and we wanted to leave the comment field flexible.

Right mouse on a highlighted item, does have a "Sort" option as well as the "Info" and then "Details" that provides a lot more information. I strive to make sure that users with less powerful computers can still use Cinelerra and digging into details for each of the files loaded in the Resources window is time-consuming (some users easily have a hundred files there). The Info option allows for highlighting several files and clicking once to get all of the Info up without having to individually click them.

Unfortunately, users want different things in this field and it will probably change again. However, sorting on the Title and Comments field would be very nice to have just like in the Load menu (some how the sort on the date and time did get lost). I was told that it would take an uninterrupted half day to code. But is it worth sorting on the Comments field using the date and time? if no one else wants that?


2019-06-03 10:37


CGG-VideoSizePuzzle_q92.jpg (221,605 bytes)
CGG-VideoSizePuzzle_q92.jpg (221,605 bytes)

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