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0000240Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-06-09 18:56
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Summary0000240: Certificate expired Certificate expired
Valid until: 4 June 2019
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2019-06-09 18:56

manager   ~0001707

RenderMux has 2 specific purposes only -- originally it was for putting together Render Farm sections which were created to speed up rendering. Turns out it is also quite useful for putting together render jobs where "create new file at each label" is used. And there is a 3rd potentially clever usage, if the "Output File to render to" in the render menu is named in a certain manner over time. That is all it is for, and users should learn what it is meant for before using it. I have better explained its usage in my local copy of the Rendering chapter and will eventually incorporate those changes into Andrew's/Andrea's Latex document.


2019-06-07 20:16

reporter   ~0001690

Re: 0000223
A hint at this point, open RenderMux via menu:
[1] + suspended (tty output) cin


2019-06-07 19:45

administrator   ~0001689

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As far as I have understood Danny will not do any more work on the server and the server will be shut down. As a precaution I have archived the repositories on Github for archive purposes if users still want to browse the old repositories. We have also linked to the CV mailing list so that users can access the old emails. If all of you still want to have old tutorials from the collection here, you are welcome to link them in the forum, then they will still be available.



2019-06-07 19:16

manager   ~0001688

New users do not have the link to It was removed in last month's build when reworked Shells Cmds to refer to the CinelerraGG_manual.pdf file and no outdated references. For current users, we can not delete their SHBTNs in $HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc because they may have their own scripts. Note 1631 in issues 223 explains how you can do this yourself. will no longer be maintained by Danny on June 29.

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