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0000243Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-06-09 09:07
ReporterOlaf Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000243: Transparency control of the Bar Color is defective
Descriptioncinelerra/trackpopup.C:404 Bar Color
Steps To ReproduceChoose any other color, move the slider for transparency (A) and back to 1.00.
Accept this setting.
The track gets a completely opaque color,
recalling Bar Color confirms that transparency (A) has the value 0.00.
Values up to 0.99 work correctly.
TagsBar Color, Transparency




2019-06-09 09:04

administrator   ~0001703

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2019-06-09 08:26

reporter   ~0001701

Finally, one last remark. My position: The color set by the color selection including transparency has priority. If the user decides to set the transparency to 1, this setting has to take effect. If it jumps to 0 after taking over his setting, then this is a bug, especially since this setting is set to 1 at the first call. Compare the function with that of Inkscape or another graphics program. The "alpha fader slider" has an additional function (opacity) considering the color values of the object. Taking into account the special interplay described, the value for transparency presented to the user should not be 1. Whether alternatively an additional switch for setting the value 1 is installed at this point or there is a clear indication, I cannot decide. The editor should also be in the foreground when it comes to such things, and not the inclinations of the programmer. Cinelerra is already cumbersome and difficult to handle and you never know exactly if you are facing a bug or if it is a feature. Even if the special features are included in the manual, this does not mean that it is correctly implemented from the user's point of view.


2019-06-09 06:19

reporter   ~0001700

Forget the second remark, a translation error.

Admin: Can I correct (edit) my texts here somehow?


2019-06-09 06:11

reporter   ~0001699

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The way you guys figured it, it's not gonna work. Try some combinations, without "autocolor assets".

Also, choose any color as described, but without transparency (A) at this point.
Move the "alpha fader slider" to 1.00.
Select a saved layout from the window menu.
Result: The track color loses its transparency, but the "alpha fader slider" is still at 1.00

Remark to the manual:
> "To change a specific clip to your own chosen color, middle [sic!] mouse button over that clip and an Edits popup will be displayed."



2019-06-09 04:14

manager   ~0001698

Works as designed.


2019-06-09 04:13

manager   ~0001697

1.0 is special as described in section of CinelerraGG_manual.pdf -- 3.1.8 Color Title Bars and Assets

"To change a specific clip to your own chosen color, middle mouse button over that clip and an Edits popup will be displayed. Choose the option Bar Color to bring up the color picker and choose a color. You can also change the alpha value in the color picker and this alpha takes precedence over the current alpha slider bar value unless it was set to 1.0. The color will only change after you click on the checkmark."

This makes it possible to use the transparency slider bar on the bottom right hand side of the timeline (above the progress bar) to modify all the other tracks in conjunction to the same alpha value while not modifying the alpha in the specific track.

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