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0000248Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-06-30 22:19
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Summary0000248: Asset Info: Fix interlacing

For some time now I have been restoring music videos from the 80s from a DVD. These videos are all interlaced. The "Asset Info window" contains three lines about interlacing (manual page 53). The default setting is "automatically fix interlacing".

I seem to remember that someone on the CV mailing list wrote that these settings didn't do anything.

The problem is, the user doesn't know if this feature works or not. If it grabs, how far does it affect the material? Does it work with the deinterlacing plugins or does it interfere with clean deinterlacing? In my case it's 48 videos, so I'd have to open this dialog for each video and turn it off. But if it doesn't work, it should be removed. Because such a thing obviously only causes confusion.

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2019-06-30 22:19

manager   ~0001833

The Fix Interlacing fields that provided no capability have been deleted.



2019-06-28 03:21

manager   ~0001799

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The lines in the Resource window, Media Info that read "Fix Interlacing" and "Interlacing correction" have been deleted from the code base. It was quite a few lines but it should not lead to any problems. The line "Asset's interlacing" is retained as this field is used for creating DVDs. This has been checked into GIT and will be marked resolved soon.



2019-06-17 08:08

reporter   ~0001736

Maybe the files interlacemodes.h and interlacemodes.C contain further information for developers? I also see a refer to mjpegtools/yuv4mpeg.h there.



2019-06-16 21:46

manager   ~0001734

I tried to find this in old CV pipermail but was unable to. But from an email by Igor Ubuntu on May 8, 2016, is:

"In each media file properties it is possible to define the "Asset's interlacing". Asset's interlacing => "The type of interlacing the asset has" (In asset-> you set the interlacing mode of the source material.)... For each asset, if cinelerra can detect the interlacing for the source, (currently only for quicktime-DV at the moment) it will set the interlacing as appropriate, otherwise it will default to "unknown"..."

So it looks like it is just for: CURRENTLY ONLY FOR QUICKTIME-DV. So it does not seem at all worthwhile but I do not have a file to test it on anyway.



2019-06-16 17:39

reporter   ~0001733

Re By the way, I've determined it's the material that matters. CGG has a handful of these plugins with them, there is something for everyone. A combination of the deinterlacing filters leads to better results: yadif=1:-1:0,mcdeint=2:1:10. If you feel like it, try the following combination: yadif=0:-1:0,nlmeans. And if your computer has enough power then: yadif=1:-1:0,mcdeint=2:1:10,nlmeans.



2019-06-16 16:49

manager   ~0001732

It should probably be removed but I will have gg look closely at the code to see if it has some unknown and undocumented purpose that might be useful and then document it correctly. BTW - F_kerndeint seems to provide the best deinterlace tool.

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