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0000251Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-11-18 03:23
ReporterAndrea_Paz Assigned ToSam  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform64 bitOSArch linuxOS Versionrolling release
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Target VersionFixed in Version2020-10 
Summary0000251: Bugs with the new implementation of CUDA
Description1- Using CinGG with CUDA leads to errors that do not allow the display of edits in the timeline and compositor window. The errors are as follows:

Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
Failed to get HW surface format.
FFStream::decode: avcodec_send_packet failed.
  err: Invalid data found when processing input
FFStream::decode: failed

2- Mandelbrot and N_Body filters based on CUDA can be applied to edits, but only if they do not contain the insertion point. If you move the cursor over the edits, a crash occurs (no dump). I enclose the errors reported on the terminal.

There are already other more or less similar tickets, concerning the hardware acceleration of video engines (Vaapi and Vdpau) and the OpenCL: 0000090; 0000215; 0000206 and 0000201.




2020-11-03 09:22

administrator   ~0004358

The ticket has been marked as done. It will be closed completely in a few days.


2020-11-03 08:35

manager   ~0004355

I no longer have Nvidia, but the last few times I did not have this problem. For me the ticket can be solved.


2019-06-28 21:34

reporter   ~0001814

I think my problem is slightly different, only the error output is the same.
I never have problem playing the video, whether de HW device is set to none, vaapi, or vdpau.
I only get the error when I am [b]encoding[/b], using vaapi, and manually set the bitrate. And after the error, I have a valid video (although, I have not checked the very last frame of it to see if it matches the source).

I gather from the original description that you get the same error just working with it, not encoding. Maybe this gives a clue to where the problem is.


2019-06-28 15:46

manager   ~0001808

I don't really understand the issue, I'm definitely saying nonsense:
The error message is the same every time hardware decoding fails, whether with vaapi, vdpau, nvenc or cuda. However, cuda (and OpenCL) is a different case because it does not concern encoding/decoding of the video engine of the driver (vaapi, vdpau or nvenc) but it is a general request valid for any request for hardware acceleration by CinGG.
If someone has managed to compile a working cuda, I'd like to know what speeds up and how fast (just playback? Just rendering? Just a few plugins?)


2019-06-28 15:03

reporter   ~0001807

I have the same errors when encoding with a non-0 bitrate using vaapi on an AMD GPU, so I do not think it is Nvidia specific.

See .


2019-06-28 06:18

manager   ~0001803

GG has found that the problem is my too old GPU (Nvidia GTX 460M), so if no one else has this problem I would put it as solved.


2019-06-27 13:51


error.txt (4,778 bytes)

CUDA error at /opt/cuda/samples/5_Simulations/nbody/bodysystemcuda_impl.h:85 code=35(cudaErrorInsufficientDriver) "cudaGetDeviceProperties(&props, i)" 
unjoined tids / owner 41
  00007f87757fa700 / 00007f8775ffb700 7VRender
  00007f8775ffb700 / 00007f87a94b9700 12RenderEngine
  00007f87767fc700 / 00007f87af0727c0 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f8776ffd700 / 00007f878b7fe700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f87777fe700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11BC_Repeater
  00007f8777fff700 / 00007f8790ff9700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f8788ff9700 / 00007f878b7fe700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f87897fa700 / 00007f8791ffb700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f8789ffb700 / 00007f87af0727c0 10Playback3D
  00007f878a7fc700 / 00007f8790ff9700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f878affd700 / 00007f8791ffb700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f878bfff700 / 00007f87abd7a700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f878b7fe700 / 00007f87af0727c0 7GWindow
  00007f8790ff9700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11LevelWindow
  00007f87917fa700 / 00007f87abd7a700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f8791ffb700 / 00007f87af0727c0 7CWindow
  00007f87abd7a700 / 00007f87af0727c0 7AWindow
  00007f87927fc700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f8792ffd700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11MainIndexes
  00007f87937fe700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f8793fff700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11BC_Repeater
  00007f8798ff9700 / 00007f87af0727c0 7SWindow
  00007f87997fa700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11ChannelInfo
  00007f8799ffb700 / 00007f87af0727c0 18RecordCutAdsStatus
  00007f879a7fc700 / 00007f87af0727c0 13RecordChannel
  00007f879affd700 / 00007f879bfff700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f879b7fe700 / 00007f879bfff700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f879bfff700 / 00007f87af0727c0 13RemoteControl
  00007f87a0ff9700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f87a17fa700 / 00007f87af0727c0 14ResourceThread
  00007f87a1ffb700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f87a27fc700 / 00007f87a8cb8700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007f87a2ffd700 / 00007f87a8cb8700 11BC_Repeater
  00007f87a37fe700 / 00007f87a8cb8700 9VPlayback
  00007f87a3fff700 / 00007f87a8cb8700 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f87a8cb8700 / 00007f87af0727c0 7VWindow
  00007f87a94b9700 / 00007f87af0727c0 9CPlayback
  00007f87a9cba700 / 00007f87af0727c0 11CWindowTool
  00007f87aa4bb700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007f87aacbc700 / 00007f87af0727c0 16AssetVIconThread
  00007f87ab4bd700 / 00007f87af0727c0 12BC_Clipboard


CUDA error at /opt/cuda/samples/common/inc/helper_cuda.h:744 code=35(cudaErrorInsufficientDriver) "cudaGetDeviceCount(&device_count)" 
unjoined tids / owner 43
  00007efec7fff700 / 00007eff83fff700 7VRender
  00007eff83fff700 / 00007effd35d2700 12RenderEngine
  00007efeed45b700 / 00007efeedc5c700 12BC_Clipboard
  00007efeedc5c700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 18PluginClientThread
  00007effacff9700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effad7fa700 / 00007effb57fa700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effadffb700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11BC_Repeater
  00007effae7fc700 / 00007effb57fa700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effaffff700 / 00007effb7fff700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effaeffd700 / 00007effb6ffd700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effaf7fe700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 10Playback3D
  00007effb4ff9700 / 00007effb6ffd700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effb57fa700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 7GWindow
  00007effb5ffb700 / 00007effb7fff700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effb67fc700 / 00007effd5ec3700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effb6ffd700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11LevelWindow
  00007effb77fe700 / 00007effd5ec3700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effb7fff700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 7CWindow
  00007effd5ec3700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 7AWindow
  00007effbcff9700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effbd7fa700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11MainIndexes
  00007effbdffb700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effbe7fc700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11BC_Repeater
  00007effbeffd700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 7SWindow
  00007effbf7fe700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11ChannelInfo
  00007effbffff700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 18RecordCutAdsStatus
  00007effc8ff9700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 13RecordChannel
  00007effc97fa700 / 00007effca7fc700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effc9ffb700 / 00007effca7fc700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effca7fc700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 13RemoteControl
  00007effcaffd700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effcb7fe700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 14ResourceThread
  00007effcbfff700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effd0dcd700 / 00007effd2dd1700 15BC_WindowEvents
  00007effd15ce700 / 00007effd2dd1700 11BC_Repeater
  00007effd1dcf700 / 00007effd2dd1700 9VPlayback
  00007effd25d0700 / 00007effd2dd1700 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effd2dd1700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 7VWindow
  00007effd35d2700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 9CPlayback
  00007effd3dd3700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 11CWindowTool
  00007effd45d4700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard
  00007effd4dd5700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 16AssetVIconThread
  00007effd55d6700 / 00007effd91bb7c0 12BC_Clipboard

error.txt (4,778 bytes)

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