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0000252Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-06-28 14:57
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PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version19.1
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Summary0000252: Audio problems using 4K HDR sample file

Cin 2019-05. When loading as ¨replace current project¨ 4K HDR sample file ¨¨, I noticed the following:

  1. There is a very clear echo on the audio, which is barely noticeable when playing the same file using VLC.
  2. The audio is TrueHD 8 channels, according to VLC 3F2M2R/LFE at 32 bits. Cin´s resources window does show 8 channels, and TrueHD, but bits are ¨unknown" . Isn´t that in the file?
  3. After loading, the cin main window has 8 channels. Yet Settings->Format shows 6. You can change it there to 8, but I thought that the ¨replace current project¨ option would set that according to the source material? Is this a bug?
  4. I see no mentioning in the manual about 7.1 audio, only 5.1 .

I´m not sure is any of items 2-3 are related to the too-loud echo. using HD device ¨none" or ¨vaapi¨ made no difference for the echo.

On another (video) note, the input is HDR BT2020, profile HEVC Main 10 . Yet after loading the profile, in Settings-Format the color model is RGBA 8-bit. To handle a source with 10 bits, shouldn´t the format for a HDR input file not be set to RGBA-FLOAT when loading as ¨replace current project¨?
Also, when playing the file, the picture in the compositor is bleak, but the same file in VLC or mpv shows a normal-contrast picture. I don´t have a HDR-capable monitor so cannot test what that effect would be; but if VLC/mpv can map it to something natural looking, should not cin do the same?

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