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0000253Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] MantisBTpublic2019-12-03 16:23
ReporterMatN Assigned ToSam  
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PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version19.1
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-06 
Summary0000253: When reporting an issue, the selectable product versions are not up-to-date
DescriptionThe drop-down list of ¨Product Version¨ is not updated after a new release, so you cannot select it when reporting errors for a new release. You have to put it in the problem description. T the moment, the latest release is 2019-05, the latest seletable is 2019-03.
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2019-09-10 12:59

administrator   ~0002104

@MatN Thank you for pointing that out.

Unfortunately this entry always has to be released manually, because of my vacation I didn't have the time to release it. I have updated the entries. Now it should work again. I have this task on my monthly task list.


2019-09-10 09:34

reporter   ~0002100

It seems each time a new version is released, the "report issue" product version is not updated.
Is this maybe related to that in the release is not set to released?

Can Phyllis do this after a release?


2019-06-28 20:30

administrator   ~0001812

The problem has been fixed.


2019-06-28 20:29

administrator   ~0001811

Thank you for pointing that out. I have extended the entries.

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