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0000264Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2019-07-10 15:34
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Summary0000264: CleanTalk causes some problems with the tor nodes
DescriptionHowever, blacklisting Tor exit nodes is usually not doing anything to
the attackers, because of the way Tor works.

E.g., one of the addresses that you blacklist is:
a Tor exit node with probably heavy traffic of all kinds of people, most
of them probably legitimate visitors.
The malicious ones, esp. if they are expert or just more advanced, your
ban does pretty much nothing to them, because they can do so much more
than just change identity in the top right corner of Tor browser (which
means change who you appear to be to the website that you are visiting,
i.e. the exit node)...

So banning an exit node, which is what the CleanTalk probably does (no
time to investigate, but I think I saw some address with that name in
some instances when I tried visiting and
was banned, is just wrong thing to do...

Also there are FOSS captcha's available, way more benign to users, but I
have no time to search for links to those...
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