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0000268Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-12-04 19:52
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Summary0000268: Tracks improvements
DescriptionFrom the forum, dankinzelman made these requests (
It would be nice to be able to collect all armed tracks at the top of the timeline, perhaps via a context menu (that way if we're working with multiple armed tracks, we can quickly see them all collected one below the other on the timeline).
I am thinking about big, complicated multicamera sessions where I have 3-4 channels of video and 6-8 channels of audio. In this case, it would be nice for me to be able to collect the tracks I'm editing at the top of the screen in a quick way, again, to help me avoid making errors and doing edits on tracks I didn't intend, or not editing tracks I do want to edit.
Perhaps simplest to implement: Allow the option of 'locking' or 'grouping' tracks together (even to a limited number of available groups, say 4). In that case, arming one track would automatically arm all the others assigned to that group, and editing operations would automatically carry over to all associated tracks.
Additional InformationMy add: Do these movements/groupings of tracks with the mouse?




2019-12-04 19:52

reporter   ~0002535

Unfortunately I am not allowed to edit my texts here afterwards, I am obviously not trustworthy enough - so that no misunderstandings arise, the last sentence "as long as nothing better was found" refers to the external supplier


2019-12-04 19:40

reporter   ~0002534

When realigning already filled tracks, a lot can go wrong, because video tracks behave differently than audio tracks. IgorBeg impressively demonstrates the existing possibilities and demonstrates en passant how important a good planning and naming of the individual tracks is.

\todo{Chapter Editing, Manipulating Tracks: Integrate video from IgorBeg.}%
Rearranging the tracks for advanced users. In this 260 seconds long video the possibilities of rearranging single or multiple "grouped" tracks on the Timeline are illustrated: \href{}{Re-arrange the tracks order}.% As long as nothing better has been found.


2019-12-04 17:28

reporter   ~0002531

I read the Dankinzelman’s request but I think We already have that feature. Like other NLEs we have to arm the tracks that we want to move.
I know that You all always know How to do, but I did a demo if it may help new users.

Cut/Trim on more tracks with one only operation may be done. You have to arm the tracks where you want to do your cuts (I think you already know that).

I think that the suggestion proposed in this “issue” could complicate the tracks beahviour. My personal opinion.


2019-11-13 20:48

reporter   ~0002457

There is suggestion from user (if track grouping about to be implemented)

Use ctrl-click for track selection, then 'G' will group them, 'U' ungroup them. In grouped mode all actions like cut will be applied to whole group.

Not sure how this feature must interact with aimed/not-aimed tracks - just leave behavior for them as today, and only apply new rule to grouped files? But then this is more about 'working single group', not more advanced free-style grouping (when you can create more than one group)

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