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0000028Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-06-08 19:53
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PlatformX86_64OSLinux MintOS Version18.3
Product Version2018-11 
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Summary0000028: Titler video effect, add option for own "paper" as background for the text
DescriptionThe titler text always has as background the original video. Adobe allows one to have a different background bounded by the text. Such a background could be implemented as:
- Draw a rectangle around the text, The size is computed from the font. Distance of the box's edges to the text adjustable (the same on all sizes, e.g. xx pixels).
- Within the rectangle, its colour and transparancy should be adjustable, e.g. grey with 50% transparancy.
- From viewer to screen, layers would be 1:text; 2: box; 3: video.

Such a box, being an inherent property of the text, would follow the text around, e.g. with scrolling or motion tracking, and would make sure an unfavorable background in the video at one place doesn't make the text unreadable in that spot. Having a thick boundary to the text is not nearly as nice or as subtle. And if the text changes, you don't have to worry about the box.
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2019-06-08 19:53

reporter   ~0001695

Andrea, OpenFX, why reach for the stars now? You can also integrate XFig, which existed for ages before KDE was created in 1996 with its utopian idea of cross-program drag & drop.

I'm just kidding. When I write something like I wrote before, I hope that 2 percent of it will be remembered and 1 percent of it will be implemented, sometime. The most important thing is that what is built in works satisfactorily. Everything else is godly wishes.

For normal but well designed titles I use graphics from Inkscape and Gimp, for everything else I use Blender.


2019-06-08 18:09

updater   ~0001694

Olaf, I am afraid that implementing such a titler requires rotoscoping with relative manipulation of the alpha channel. At minute 1:03 of the first video he talks about compatibility with OpenFX plugins and this makes me think that it is also based on OpenFX. It would take the help of an external developer for such a large and complex job.
MatN's proposal seems more feasible to me.


2019-06-07 14:25

reporter   ~0001687

In principle, a good suggestion. But that is not a titler. It starts with the fact that fonts are not found and the representation of the generated texts is under all cannon. This is a titler:
1: 2: 3:
Of course you can't expect that with a hobby project, but you should occasionally watch how the rest of the world works. Then at least nobody can claim that we live behind the moon - and we can say that we do this voluntarily.


2018-12-11 07:36

administrator   ~0000135

I think it's a good idea, I know it too. It's a very useful feature. +1

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