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0000282Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-09-01 22:37
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Summary0000282: Please look into adding .srt format subtitles loading

My friend works on video tutorial, and want to make some commentary along the way. He hopes to use .srt format for subtitles, at least initially.

Format described at

SRT is perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats.
It consists of four parts, all in text..
1. A number indicating which subtitle it is in the sequence.
 2. The time that the subtitle should appear on the screen, and then disappear.
 3. The subtitle itself.
 4. A blank line indicating the start of a new subtitle.
------quote end----

So, Cin-GG can create either subtitle track from srt file, or add series of 'title' plugins, each corresponding to one subtitle. Then those titler plugins can be edited, colored, re-positioned as usual ..... (may be with some sane limit on max. number of auto-created titlers). Next, in titlers case subtitles will be 'burned' into video as hard subs.

May be subtitle track(s) (created from .srt or old way described in manual) can be muxed into mp4/mov via ffmpeg/libavcodec as mov_text?
[subtitle codec] parameter examples:
 for MKV containers: copy, ass, srt, ssa
 for MP4 containers: copy, mov_text
 for MOV containers: copy, mov_text
 Many Philips Blu-Ray Players, Samsung Smart TV's and other standalone players can only read "SRT" subtitle streams in "MKV" files.
---quote end----

may be _muxing_ subtitles into libavcodec-supported format should be separate issue?

Steps To ReproduceN/A
Additional Informationactually using Cinelerra Infinity - built: Aug 8 2019 18:40:06 - time to update "Product version" field here to include 2019-07?




2020-09-01 22:37

manager   ~0003960

Update - Andrea found that there is a subtitles ffmpeg filter that provides this capability. Maybe this could be made to work.


2020-08-13 01:27

manager   ~0003910

Your english is just fine! The title description conveys a slightly different request than the wording. So "look into adding .srt format subtitles loading" -- denotes the ability to actually "load" a subtitle file, We can sort of do that, but I assume that the request is to load it and get it automatically on a subtitle track in the timeline. We also have yet to find a way to actually show the lines in the Compositor or something as RafaMar suggested. So I would like to keep this open.


2020-08-12 06:10

manager   ~0003909

Sorry about my bad English. I meant that the issue (for me) is resolved because the format option srt (and sub) has been introduced in the subtitle tool.


2020-08-11 19:03

manager   ~0003907

I agree and had planned to have GG look at this this month BUT now he is working on the Speed auto so do not know if that will happen. I already mentioned it to him last month and he thinks it can be solved too.


2020-08-11 11:54

manager   ~0003904

I think we can solve this.


2020-06-29 15:13

manager   ~0003706

Update so this does not get lost from RafaMar:
To convert .udvd to .srt or .ass is as simple as:
ffmpeg -i subtitle.udvd
ffmpeg -i subtitle.udvd subtitle.ass
without any problem.
my favorite is .ass because you can easily customize how they will look.

What I think needs to be improved is the wizard to load or save to navigate to where the file is to load or save... it is a bit tedious to have to enter the path by hand. I know this is a copy and paste of the address, but this for a beginning person is a difficulty.


2020-06-29 00:03

manager   ~0003693

Per RafaMar "it is very easy from .udvd to convert it into .srt or .ass with ffmpeg." ..." it would be great a script that would allow you to convert a subtitle track into a track with the effect of titles and these will be seen in the render." Perhaps this could be implemented in a similar manner to RenderMux.


2019-09-02 20:28

reporter   ~0002064

Actually, Cinelerra 7.1 (from has some support for subtitle files in Titler:

"11/16 - Cinelerra 6 Updated the h264 decoding. There are no longer picons in the asset window. Motion tracking got major optimizations. Resampling effects got new interfaces. Titler can load subtitle files." -

from cinelerra-7.1/plugins/titler/title.C
// this parses a file of the form:
// 1
// 00:01:04,440 --> 00:01:07,318
// It's okay, son...
// 2
// 00:01:08,611 --> 00:01:13,491
// I know you want this to be over.
// 3
// 00:01:19,998 --> 00:01:22,125
// I'm right here.
// 4
// 00:01:26,504 --> 00:01:29,173
// I will be right here...

void TitleMain::load_subtitle_db()

Also, I'm sort-of surprised Cinelerra-hv 7.1 still uses quicktime + ffmpeg 3.3 combo O.o

Also, just from looking into files, there seems to be 4k and 5k _themes_, at least dirs contains a lot of png files ....


2019-08-10 11:21

reporter   ~0002011

Yes, just compiled Aegisub 3.2.2 - it was a bit surprizing to find it uses as way to decode video files (can be compiled without, but then opening compressed videos simply doesn't work).. But now it works, it seems.

Thanks, Olaf!


2019-08-10 09:05

reporter   ~0002010

Creating subtitles with Cinelerra would only do for very very short videos, if at all. Not that your request isn't justified, but that what I've seen so far about creating subtitles with CGG doesn't seem to be a piece of cake. At the turn of the millennium there wasn't much free software to do it with, but that has changed. There is a selection of specialized programs, some are included in the distributions.

I've opened your sample file in Aegisub (, you should do the same and turn on "characters per second". You'll be surprised at the reading speed you demand from your subtitle readers.


2019-08-10 08:32

reporter   ~0002009

After some more thinking:

If .srt file support will go via titler plugin - then may be two new attributes (starttime, duration) can be implemented and used? So, loading .srt file will just populate those. Next, choosing subtitle's codepage can be useful, too - some of them tend to be not in utf8. But this is bonus, text files can be converted via iconv, i think.

If support will go via existing subtitle track(s) infrastructure - then, I think, just expanding dialog at section "13.4.3 Subtitles" in manual cold be used? Like, by adding timecodes?

There seems to be tutorial about older versions of Cinelerra at - but it uses other software (like Avidemux), for adding srt tracks. Also, all subtitle editing done via specialized software.

There already was email thread about this problem:
--quoting GG-----
The easy way for me to do this is to create a simple standalone program that
reads the srt subtitle data and an existing cin5 xml session file, which
will inject that data into a new subtitle track on the timeline.
--------end of quote-----

Well, this way will work for me too, but so far this program not materialized yet?


2019-08-10 01:53

reporter   ~0002008

Actual .srt file to test with.

It seems my idea about creating separate titler plugin instances for each little piece of text was wrong - in real use cases it will create 1000+ separate plugin instances, so what about loading .srt file into titler, and change text according to timing from .srt file, relative to plugin's internal timer?

Patlabor 2 - The Movie (118,042 bytes)

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