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0000283Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2019-09-11 21:08
ReporterPierre Assigned ToSam  
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-09 
Summary0000283: Inadequate calculation of the elapsed time of published Forum items
DescriptionThe time since the items on the "Recent Posts" page of the "Forums" ( were registered is not calculated correctly. Example is still written as 9 hours old on this summary page, when it was actually published about 1 day ago.
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2019-08-11 19:34

administrator   ~0002012

The problem was that two entries blocked each other and Cloudflare cached everything. I hope that the problem has now been fixed and the entries are displayed immediately, so the time should be correct again. I will leave the ticket a bit open if there are more problems.

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