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0000291Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2019-09-02 10:38
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Summary0000291: Git: No clonning over HTTP - Solus' build system problems
DescriptionCould you enable-http-cloning option in their cgitrc file or make snapshots links point directly to the file (and not like this;a=snapshot;h=d034ec092c8aaf21c755bc612796df69ffdee4ac;sf=tgz). Solus' build system doesn't yet support cloning over HTTPS.
This would really simplify the process to test git versions before the stable release.
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2019-09-02 10:38

administrator   ~0002060


Okay, I understand. I'll look at the configuration later this week. Maybe I can customize it so you can access it without https.


2019-09-02 10:25

reporter   ~0002059

@Sam The problem is that that link points to index.html instead of .tar.gz.
I'm asking to change its behaviour so it points directly to target file.


2019-09-01 17:32

administrator   ~0002058

The snapshot link also works without https. Is that enough for you? You just have to delete the "s" from the https.
Here is an example:;a=snapshot;h=d034ec092c8aaf21c755bc612796df69ffdee4ac;sf=tgz

However, the Apache server automatically redirects to https as soon as you surf on the git website. A manual removal of the "s" from the URL is not redirected to https by the Apache webserver.

But an https is more or less necessary to not be punished by the search engines.


2019-08-30 16:01

manager   ~0002054

I have mentioned this request to GoodGuy and I believe that both he and Sam, the website expert, would prefer not to "enable-http-cloning option in their cgitrc file" due to so many attempts by hackers and others to get into anything less secure. If I could find something on the internet that convinces us that the risk for such a specific request is zero, it could be a remote possibility,

The Snapshot link method would be preferable, but I am not technically adept enough to understand what it involves so will have to get more information about that option from GoodGuy.

The lure of early testing by you is a strong incentive for us to come up with something that will work for you!

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