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0000300Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] MantisBTpublic2019-12-03 16:26
ReporterOlaf Assigned ToSam  
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-10 
Summary0000300: Bug reports are still lost.
DescriptionRe 0000298 and maybe "And for some reason my attempt at reply disappeared" (Andrew-R, 2019-09-11 02:17 in 0000294).
You have to know that everything you write is lost, all information has to be entered again.
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2019-12-03 16:26

manager   ~0002522

Another possible future improvement to Mantis BT but for me and for now, it seems acceptable!


2019-10-03 11:38

administrator   ~0002208

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This problem is known to the MantisBT developers.
I have significantly increased the PHP timeout, there is also a value (Set $g_form_security_validation = OFF. Note that for security reasons, it is strongly recommended not to do this.) that can be disabled, but this makes attacks on MantisBT easier. For security reasons I don't want to disable this option. The developers of MantisBT recommend two browser plugins that remember the data you have entered before, in case the token is airing out again and you have to enter the data again.
Unfortunately I cannot offer you a better solution, because it is a MantisBT specific problem.
The plugins that should help here are:
Users may also install local tools to avoid loss of form data, such as Typio Form Recovery Chrome extension, or Form History Control add-on for Firefox and Chrome.
Let's see if the significantly increased PHP timeout is a help.



2019-09-23 18:24

administrator   ~0002176

This bug is still on my to-do list. Until the technical solution to the problem is found, I recommend writing the text in a write program first and then copying it into the bug tracker. I am still on the road a lot and in two weeks I will be able to take care of it.


2019-09-23 18:18

reporter   ~0002175

Confirmed, I've had this happen also.


2019-09-13 12:46

reporter   ~0002129

It is always only the first report after login that is lost. All the following will work fine.

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