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0000309Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-10-13 22:26
ReporterAndrea_Paz Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Product Version2019-08 
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Summary0000309: Toolbar buttons
DescriptionMany suggestion from user D. Quinton.

-loop playback toggle

-snap left edit end/right edit end to insert point (done with the ctrl-alt-</> keys)

-window show toggle (viewer/resources/compositor/overlays/levels)

and in the load files dialogue- icon buttons to select insert strategy (the drop down list takes longer) - I think cin-CV has these
TagsFeature request




2019-10-13 22:26

administrator   ~0002265

This is of course an argument that the space should be used sensibly, especially on laptops it is important.

Could you at least align the input fields so that they are flush? This window looks so messy and unpleasant because the input fields all have different lengths and are not aligned. It's one of the main reasons because people avoid Cinelerra because it looks extremely unaesthetic to the eyes. Igor has shown in his photomontages how good this window can look if you use at least the same lengths and align the input fields.


2019-10-13 22:09

manager   ~0002264

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I will try to respond to all mentioned potential improvements here:

When the recently loaded files were moved from the "Load files" menu so it would allow for listing twice as many files, we became aware that this menu can already take up a lot of space on laptops. (I personally like the current layout because I use a laptop and like to leave that menu up for testing.) GG always keeps in mind that "Space" on the screen is a valuable resource, the same way Ram or CPU is. Therefore, we do not want to add the extra title lines as IgorB shows in the photomontages of Note 2234 plus the words are already in the top menu line, etc.

I have not asked GG or formulated an opinion about the "Import into folder" yet. But that can be added to the other BT.

As concerns the order of the icons versus the pulldown wording line, some might like it one way and others the other way. Since there are 4 different menus that use the "Insertion Strategy" - Load, Render, Record, and Menu effect - gg settled on this layout. Actually the biggest problem getting this to work precisely correct was the fact that the "Load files" menu is resizable. There were problems with Russian, wraparound when the screen was resized too small, and other stuff, not to mention the "Apply" button right smack in the middle of it all. Probably Sam remembers the bug that showed up with Leap with that button.

In summary, gg does not plan to make any changes at this time.



2019-10-12 13:47

reporter   ~0002254

Sam, I saw just now your “old” ticket and picture.
I think that to add the “Import into folder” feature could create confusion and complicate the Load window. My personal opinion, of course.
I think that you want to save steps for copy and paste from Media to UserBin, and I understand that. Media are always loaded in Cinelerra Media folder, and I see Cinelerra Media folder like an Import Folder of others NLE. I would like to add other things but I would go out of topic.


2019-10-11 14:07

reporter   ~0002242

And another one who has S.U.V. with a white title bar as their default theme. Maybe even better, because there is no suspicion that CGG’s file manager is compatible to any desktop standard.


2019-10-11 12:50

administrator   ~0002238

@IgorBeg exactly this suggestion I wanted to make, but I didn't have time for it yet. Thanks for the photomontage. I added a little more. A few weeks ago I made a suggestion to import the files directly into a folder and modified the image accordingly. My ticket refers to



2019-10-11 09:20

reporter   ~0002234

Maybe I wrong but I write here about: Load window layout.

I added three photomontage. I think it is good to have the DropDown menu and the icons for the Insert Strategy, but I would move the icons on the bottom, so the first thing you see is the text of the active option.
(Please, See also "Render window layout" in )

Load-window_layout_02.gif (26,225 bytes)
Load-window_layout_02.gif (26,225 bytes)
Load-window_layout_03.gif (26,262 bytes)
Load-window_layout_03.gif (26,262 bytes)
Load-window_layout_01.gif (25,479 bytes)
Load-window_layout_01.gif (25,479 bytes)


2019-10-09 23:27

manager   ~0002232

(Not sure how but this Note ended up by mistake in another issue, so I have erased it there and added it here).

Back by popular demand - "in the load files dialogue- icon buttons to select insert strategy (the drop down list takes longer)". The drop down list is still available because for occasional users, it is better to see all of the options at once in order to make a choice. These icons were in the original Cinelerra HV code but when the CV mods were merged in (2016), a choice had to be made of which way to proceed. At that time, the goal was to merge in with that website.

The other 3 items have not yet been looked into.

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