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0000312Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-08-02 08:44
ReporterAndrea_Paz Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2019-08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000312: Transition
DescriptionA bug from user D. Quinton.

I notice a problem with transitioning between two edits when an effect is placed on either of them,
when transitioning between edit A and edit B, with an effect placed on Edit A (such as colour correction), as the transition hits Edit B the effect placed on Edit A is suddenly removed and the end part of Edit A is seen without the effect, so that it reverts to its raw colours which is quite noticeable.
Perhaps the answer is moving Edit B onto a new track? does the transition still work? I have to test it yet




2020-08-02 08:44

reporter   ~0003863

Very late to clarify this but yes I did imply a video transition was applied between A and B.
I like IgorB's solution - to use 2 tracks, and 2 dissolve transitions... nice work!


2019-10-16 10:55

reporter   ~0002287

Phyllis wrote: “gg would like to streamlike the creation of a nested asset directly... as you might already know, it probably would not work with proxy.”

I hope, when/if it will be implemented, GGG (Great GG) think of all the users who need Proxy like me. =)


2019-10-14 19:47

manager   ~0002282

@Andrea, OK I will. even though my videos are of dubious quality.


2019-10-14 18:53

manager   ~0002280

Phyllis, I would like to propose that you put your video of note 02247, in the thread on the forum on transitions, next to the video of Igor. In order to present two different workarounds on the same topic.


2019-10-14 15:36

manager   ~0002272

IgorB: "Do you ... think that in the future there will be a solution to this issue?"
Well, gg would like to streamlike the creation of a nested asset directly on the timeline and is excited about doing so. BUT... as you might already know, it probably would not work with proxy. It is possible that he may initially get it working and then find a way to make proxy work too. There is no timeframe for implementation and with the BT count up to 313 in a year, it does not look like a strong possibility to be any time soon!


2019-10-12 13:49

reporter   ~0002256

Thanks GG/Phyllis for the info about Transition issue.
Unfortunately for me, I always use Proxy and your workaround has too many steps but it is good to know new workaround.
And, I think, that the output of your workaround works right (the right transition effect). My workaround produces an “artificial” (incorrect) output effect, like Olaf said. Thanks!
Do you (developers) think that in the future there will be a solution to this issue?


2019-10-11 22:20

reporter   ~0002248

Your workarounds with only two sequences are far from practical. If you have three minutes left you can make a small slide show according to Igor's method. Because for this soft transitions of all kinds are mainly used. Thanks anyway for the feedback and wish you a lot of fun while pulling and pushing.


2019-10-11 21:06

manager   ~0002247

Now we understand the issues after the helpful notes and demos. Unfortunately what looks like a bug is really a design flaw that can not be remedied at this late stage. It has to do with the stacking order of the plugins and how they are handled. So a workaround will be necessary. Besides the workaround IgorB demonstrated, another workaround involves the use of nested clips as shown in:
And, "yes", I was root as always because I am in continuous test mode and have to be ready to catch a crash if it occurs. I apologize for not capturing the keystrokes but most is obvious, except for when I do an Overwrite using Ctrl-b. I can write the steps here if needed.

This issue will be closed in a few days.


2019-10-09 18:08

reporter   ~0002231

Igor, some things are simply broken and need to be repaired. Your workaround is a completely different approach, known from Kdenlive and similar editors. (I will not go into the associated disadvantages at this point, who cuts like that knows what (s)he's doing.)

But it also shows, and I didn't want to go that far, that the transition doesn't work 50/50, but pulls material from A under B, which shifts the transition by 50 percent, symbolized by the bar. This makes A effectively longer and B shorter. A rather atypical behavior, which one does not expect at this point.


2019-10-09 09:11




2019-10-09 09:00

reporter   ~0002228

Sorry, no humor was in my mind.

Usually, like all of us know, the right way for the Transition is like in my screenshot added: the A-edit in the bottom track and the B-edit in the top track. But if your A-edit have not enough frames or, at the end of your work, you want to put the Transition without move all the edits position you may follow my workaround.


2019-10-08 14:53

reporter   ~0002226

I like your humor, @IgorBeg!


2019-10-08 13:01

reporter   ~0002225

If you want, you can see my workaround "TransitionAndDifferentsEditsEffects.ogg" at


2019-10-07 07:43

reporter   ~0002223

The described error can be better understood in connection with a transparent bitmap (for B).


2019-10-07 00:16

manager   ~0002222

Last edited: 2019-10-07 00:32

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Just acknowledging this issue. I used color correction and it works correctly for me. I can not reproduce the error you see using the effect Color 3 Way, for example. Maybe a specific codec has a problem in which case I would need more specific to produce a failure. Or maybe someone else can provide a session that has the problem.

However, perhaps I am interpreting this incorrectly. By the word "transitioning", is it meant just moving or does it indicate that there is an actual "transition" on the timeline. I take it to mean there is only an effect and not an actual ransition.

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