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Your analysis doesn't match. I have Firefox, Chromium and Falkon on but no browser caches.
The problem is here: "font-family: ETmodules".
Without this font loaded from the internet, the open triangle pointing downwards becomes a 3 and a U appears instead of the magnifying glass. But this should be known, it's similar in your forum.
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2019-10-06 22:37

manager   ~0002220

Sam, just FYI (and it may be just me!) but in firefox, when I scroll down on the home page, the News has bullets for each item as I keyed in. However, when I click on the News button at the top, all of the bullets for all of the different month's News are gone and the sentences all run together. I noted this a couple of weeks ago.


2019-10-06 21:22

administrator   ~0002219

I am currently working on WordPress and the server, so there may be some issues. I'll let you know when I'm done. If there are any problems, we will be happy to receive any information.


2019-10-06 21:05

administrator   ~0002218

It was not an analysis or detailed statement on the problem, but only a hint to the visitors of the website that if they go to the website they might see the content with missing resource, which Phyllis also confirmed. If this is the case, which was the problem for me and for Phyllis, then clearing the cache after I fixed the problem on WordPress helped.
I admit you were right about ETModules and you recognized the problem correctly.

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