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0000332Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-10-31 00:01
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Product Version2019-09 
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Summary0000332: Autoclip feature?
DescriptionNot sure if such functionality is easy to (re?)integrate into CinGG.

But I found Kino actually can detect scene cuts from DV file and make clips automatically out of single DV file.
I think this function can be useful (user-toggleable), but not sure if any modern camcoder actually does same trick?
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Additional InformationFor using (or at least seeing it in the work) Kino on post_OSS Linux you can use aoss for routing audio to ALSA or similar 'preloader' for pulseaudio.
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2019-10-31 00:01

reporter   ~0002365

As discussed and implemented in Kino:

#3043, "RE: adding timestamp as "sub-title""
 In response to Reply 0000007

  As I like to say "Nuisance is the mother of invention." I have had too may requests for this sort of thing to ignore. I have implemented in my working copy support variable substitution in the Titler filter:
#timecode# (movie timecode as seen at the bottom of the window),
#dv.timecode#, and
#dv.datetime# (what you asked for)


so, info really should be around at least in DV (raw DV, at least, I was unable to get timecode metadata out of dv in avi via ffmpeg -metadata)

But ffmpeg had their share of ..strangeness when it comes to timecodes:
ffprobe: add support for extracting "Recorded date"

(after reading this ticket i finally compiled mediainfo :) )
[FFmpeg-user] Timecode in DV muxer
#3753 closed defect (fixed)
'-timecode' & '-metadata' not working: not creating a stream (tmcd) in output MOV
some suggest timecode can be embedded in avi itself ....
Just for showing DaVinci Resolve import options screenshot.

So, actually even this bug probably should be split into few - autoclip feature itself, reading timecode, writing timecode .. ? may be BT 334 will do, because CMX 3600 format requires those reel_name and timecode parameters to be set to some useful values .....


2019-10-29 13:59

reporter   ~0002356

Actually ffmpeg's dv decoder can read timecode into metadata stream (?) since 2011?
dv: add timecode to metadata

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