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0000342Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2019-12-07 18:16
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Summary0000342: Is Cinfinity an equivalent name to Cinelerra GG Infinity?
DescriptionThe logo in the left corner of the site pages indicates "CINfinity". Does this visual contraction represent an official name?

The problem is that a site (Lprod) that deals with video creation under Linux uses the name "GG Cinfinity" to designate Cinelerra GG Infinity:

It is difficult to convince the manager that this is a mistake when you see this "name" prominently on the pages of the Cinelerra GG Infinity website.

So many different names for the same software may further increase the confusion already caused by the presence of multiple versions (HV, CV, GG)...
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2019-12-03 18:47

manager   ~0002524

I think the original question from Pierre has been answered with Sam's note of 2494. The About "cin5 derivative" has been changed to Cinelerra-GG. Usage with or without the dash is probably going to be around awhile -- the benefit of using the dash is to make it easy to "guess" at the website which is most important.


2019-11-28 16:05

manager   ~0002505

The only reason I used mostly Cinelerra-GG in the manual was to match the website of but if Sam prefers it without the dash, I will change it that way instead. It actually looks better without the dash in my opinion. Consistency would better. I think more importantly is to get rid of the number "5" !!


2019-11-28 15:17

reporter   ~0002504

Sam: "Product name + branch + version number= Cinelerra-GG Infinity"
PhyllisSmith: "Sam said it precisely!!"


2019-11-28 15:16


cgghp.webp (170,404 bytes)


2019-11-28 12:01

administrator   ~0002502

What do you mean, Olaf? As far as I know the name is used like this Cinelerra-GG Infinity. Where on the homepage is the name displayed wrong so that I can correct it?

The question is, should we use the name with or without hyphen, i.e. Cinelerra-GG or Cinelerra GG. I myself would use the name without a hyphen. It would also have some technical advantages for SEO.


2019-11-28 11:55

reporter   ~0002501

Before the bow is closed,
can it be assumed that in future the "official name" will also be used on the homepage in the "precise" spelling?


2019-11-27 23:24

manager   ~0002497

Sam said it precisely!! As I update Andrea's/Andrey's Latex version of the manual, I will attempt to use Cinelerra-GG with the dash but I notice that generally I just write Cinelerra as the generic form. There will still be a shortened name of "cin5" or even "cinelerra-5.1" when referring to subdirectory names because that directory name can be anything and that is what I use. If William had his way everything would just be "cin" so he does not have to type as spelling "cinelerra" is way too hard. In my opinion, it should always contain at least Cinelerra because that is what the original author called the software.

I will see if I can get the cin5 derivative line removed from the About, but I doubt that I will accomplish this.


2019-11-27 18:12

reporter   ~0002495

In the program under "Settings, about" "Cinelerra Infinity" is written and not "Cinelerra GG Infinity". "Cinfinity" is the name of Sam's icon theme, it says there. The general spelling changes accordingly between "Cinelerra GG" and "Cinelerra-GG", respectively "Cinelerra GG Infinity" and "Cinelerra-GG Infinity", also in the manual. Then we have "cinelerra5" and "cin5", whereby I personally prefer "CGG". :-)


2019-11-27 14:55

administrator   ~0002494

Last edited: 2019-11-27 14:56

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The official name is Cinelerra-GG Infinity. The product is called Cinelerra, but the branch is GG, by Good Guy and other developers and supporters. The name Infinity (endless rolling release) is the version name, because we have a rolling software and don't want to publish a different version name/number every month on our website.

So the name is composed as follows:
Product name + branch + version number= Cinelerra-GG Infinity

The logo is a logo and a play on words from Cin (the abbreviation of Cinelerra) and the word Infinity, thus Cinfinity (endless rolling release). Nevertheless the product is not called Cinfinity but Cinelerra-GG Infinity. The name Cinelerra-GG Infinity would be too long for the logo, therefore artistic creativity was used to create the rather long name.

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