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Summary0000360: On a fresh Mint 19.3, cannot add the cin repository as specified on the website (see BT307, same thing).
DescriptionFor Mint package install, go to:
    System->Software Sources->Additional Repositories->Add a new repository
and enter the following line:

For Mint 19

deb [trusted=yes] bionic main
 This last one is refused with error "malformed input". It has to do with [trusted=yes] . I can probably correct it using the procedure from BT307, but new users will give up. I think it is important that this works first time.
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2020-02-01 01:53

manager   ~0002762

Updated the Website and README.txt and the Manual to warn of malformed input if the file is missing and how to fix.


2020-01-29 17:39

manager   ~0002755

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Thanks for the input about PPA and please continue to provide us input.

We actually did consider using several years ago when we started producing more user oriented packages because the biggest usage was for Ubuntu. But when we read the usage rules "at that time", we were concerned about the inclusion of ffmpeg, libx264, and libx265 + the driver, libfdk_aac, which has now been removed from the default builds, but is a preferred version over aac and a user can load on his own computer with no copyright issues.

But now, as MatN stated, the PPA launchpad would only cover 50% of the supported distros and we are not build meisters and would rather spend our time on program code of the 130+ open issues than start something new. If a volunteer shows up there is nothing stopping them from adding this to launchpad and we are most willing to assist.

And Yes, the directions would be so simple for that 50% as you said "In your software manager application, select the Add Source function and enter: 'ppa:cinelerra-gg/ppa' to add...the latest version from there." But I got something even simpler that works for 100% of them "Download the tar file and type in tar -xJf /src/path/cinelerra-5.1-theDistroName.txz". (OK, it is maybe a litter more involved than that!)



2020-01-29 10:54

reporter   ~0002750

You found it. That file was missing from my /etc/apt/sources.list.d.

Doing "sudo touch additional-repositories.list" there creates the empty file. Then doing the "Add a new Repository" thing immediately did not work (same "malformed input" error), but a few minutes later it worked.

If others can fix it the same way, the text on the Cinellerra-gg website could be changed accordingly.

@ferdnyc, I think hosting it natively like now is much better than involving an outside party. More work, more dependencies, and only for Ubuntu-like. And I think the install instructions for the 9 supported distributions are quite good, this particular problem looks like a Mint problem.


2020-01-28 23:25

reporter   ~0002749

Honestly? For Ubuntu and -like distros (including Mint), the _easiest_ you can possibly make it for users would be to maintain a Cinelerra-GG PPA at Then the install instructions for Ubuntu, Mint, (I think probably Debian by now, as well...?), and etc. could amount to nothing more than:

"In your software manager application, select the Add Source function and enter: 'ppa:cinelerra-gg/ppa' to add Cinelerra-GG to the list of available software, the install the latest version from there."

It would mean using Canonical's hosting for the package files, instead of hosting them entirely on the project website, and also creating packages for the matrix of distros and (distro) release versions you want to support. But you'd still be in control and doing the packaging yourselves, plus the convenience to users is hard to beat.

See the launchpad PPA overview ( as a starting point for information on creating and publishing PPAs, or this randomly-selected "I'm Feeling Lucky" type Google hit (, one of literally hundreds of articles on the topic, for more on PPAs from an enduser perspective.


2020-01-20 21:14

manager   ~0002734

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I updated the website differently, but from what you wrote here, it still probably is not going to work as for a different package it did work for one person and not the other. Reference the following:

UPDATE: after more research, I am beginning to think that the problem is simply that this file does not exist:
GG "has gone off the reservation" and is working on windows today, but I will have him delete that Mint file here and see if he gets the Malformed input error when he gets back to Linux.



2020-01-19 12:29

reporter   ~0002719

I should have mentioned that the workaround on the website, to add the repository without [trusted=yes] does not work either, the same "malformed" error.
It likely has to do with it being a unsigned package, but I have no clue how much effort (once and monthly) that would be. Also because of the multiple distribution supported.


2020-01-19 11:51

reporter   ~0002717

I've done a reproduction of the error using a VM, simplest possible method. I hope this works there too. I don't think the desktop type has any relevance, but that is how I tested it.

- Install VirtualBox (VB) if needed: sudo apt install virtualbox-qt .
- If needed, download Mint XFCE 19.3 ISO and verify it.
- Start VB, select new virtual machine (VM):
  Name Mint 19.3 XFCE, Type Linux, Version Ubuntu (64 bit)
  Memory size 4096 MB
  Create virtual hard disk, type VDI, dynamically allocated, 20 G. (Because an actual install is not needed, it will take only 2 MByte).
- Select the new VM, go to Settings. Change some items:
  System->Motherboard: Disable floppy boot, pointing device PS/2 mouse
  System-<Processor: select multiple CPUs if available, makes startup faster.
  Storage: Controller IDE, select "Empty", then at right "IDE secondary master" dropdown, choose virtual optical disk file, then the ISO file. Also enable the "live CD/DVD" box.
  The rest can stay as-is, if you want USB 2 or 3 an extension pack needs to be downloaded and installed (sudo apt install virtualbox-ext-pack), but it is not needed to demonstrate the problem.
- Start the VM, there are some messages about missing integration, click them away. The below steps are in the VM.
-- To verify network works OK, open the browser, go to You should get a https connection. Close the browser.
-- System->Software Sources->Additional Repositories, disable the CD-ROM and update the cache.
-- System->Software Sources->Additional Repositories->Add a new repository, enter "deb [trusted=yes] bionic main", hit OK. There comes a pop-up window with "Malformed input, repository not added" .
-- Try the manual method: open a terminal, enter "add-apt-repository 'deb [trusted=yes] bionic main' " . This finished with no error.
-- System->Software Sources->Additional Repositories . The cinelerra repository is not shown.
-- Do "ls /var/lib/apt/list", there is no entry like "cinelerra-gg.org_download_pkgs_mint19_dists_bionic_main_binary-amd64_Packages" which is there if the repository is added OK. That "ls" output is alphabetical, so cinelerra is easy to verify.


2020-01-18 23:30

manager   ~0002712

Testing here on the Mint 19 build system, it worked correctly and we did not have "malformed input" and it put the correct information in the sources.list.d file as shown here:
  # cat sources.list.d/additional-repositories.list
  deb [trusted=yes] bionic main

Perhaps it is a version difference so I have updated the website instructions to account for potential problems. Also, will make the Manual changes in Installation.tex and the README.pkgs files in the pkgs directory. It is about the best that can be done but if you have better wording, please reply here with that.


2020-01-07 22:32

manager   ~0002650

Yes, it is really important that it works right away. Will test here to see why this continues to be a problem - hopefully later today yet but maybe not until tomorrow.

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