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0000362Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-01-26 14:45
ReporterIgorBeg Assigned Togoodguy  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSLinux-UbuntuStudioOS Version16.04
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Target VersionFixed in Version2020-01 
Summary0000362: Deleted edit dragging and dropping from video to audio track
DescriptionIf you Drag & Drop an edit from a video track to the DISARMED audio track, that edit is deleted.

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Steps To Reproduce1) Enable “Drag and Drop editing mode”
2) Disarm an Audio track
3) Select an edit in a video track in Timeline, clicking on it. (A red frame around the edit is shown)
4) Drag the edit from the video track to the DISARMED audio track and Drop (the frame colour of the edit changes to blue).
The edit is deleted.

If you follow the same steps but with ARMED audio track, it works right (when the frame colour of the edit change to orange).
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2020-01-26 08:34

reporter   ~0002739

For me it is okay. Thank you!
(build by git_2020-01-20)

You can close it if you want. Thanks.


2020-01-20 04:52

manager   ~0002731

GG looked at your demo and says it is all working correctly. I need to describe it better in the manual which I will update something like this:

- if it fits, the outline is Green
- if it fits and it is exactly lined up with another edit, the outline is Yellow
- if overlaps something, the outline is Blue (and this includes overlapping itself - this is what you see)
  and if something has to move (even itself) it is still Blue
- if lands on something else, it is Red
- if track types do not match, it is Orange

Without the SHIFT key enabled, it always inserts only.
With the SHIFT key on, it will always overwrite.


2020-01-18 20:25

reporter   ~0002711

GG/Phyllis, Thanks for the build ub16-20200116.
Now it is works really good. And I saw great improvements when you drag. Thanks.
I notice a new thing and I write here.
- If a Group is created with edits on different video tracks and you drag it, the yellow colour magnetic feature sometimes doesn't work.
Screencast to:


2020-01-16 11:02

reporter   ~0002699

I will have to make a build by git next week end. The new second-hand "Charlie" is not ready to compile a program.


2020-01-15 01:45

manager   ~0002692

A fix has been generated and checked into GIT. Additionally some holes were plugged and a stickiness was added so that when dragging next to another edit, it will be easy to drop it there exactly next to the other edit. The holes plugged concerned cases of attempting drops to spots where it does not fit or tracks are disarmed or where there will be an overwrite instead of an insert.


2020-01-14 00:50

manager   ~0002686

GG has been working on this today.

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