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0000373Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-02-10 17:47
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Summary0000373: Allow EDL export of 1 video plus 4 audio tracks
DescriptionIn comparing EDL export with Adobe PP, the latter allows 1 video plus 4 audiotracks, or 2 stereo tracks. Adobe also has many more EDL output formats, like the Final Cut XML . On Linux, I don't know how useful this is, Resolve can import, don't know about the others. There appear to be quite a few limitations on the CMX 3600 format, but if it is used at all, should Cinelerra not match Adobe's implementation, if possible.
Like I said, I don't know how useful this would be, maybe other can give their opinion.
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2020-02-10 17:47

reporter   ~0002799

Speaking about XML-based EDL formats, recently-released Openshot 2.5.0 apparently has this option:
xport and Import of EDL and XML (Premiere and Final Cut Pro)
For the first time ever, OpenShot can import and export data in widely supported formats. Our EDL support works with many video editors, and supports the basic timeline data (files, clips, some keyframes, transitions, etc…). XML format is supported in Final Cut Pro, but also many other products support this format. It also contains the basic timeline data (files, clips, some keyframes, and multiple tracks). The XML format is more advanced by far, and supports more features from OpenShot. This has been a highly requested feature for many years. I’m happy to finally deliver on it!
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src lives in (python classes)

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