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0000388Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-03-12 19:25
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Summary0000388: A warning is missing from a procedure that can ruin work time and even cause data loss
DescriptionI describe what happened to me days ago
I was mounting a video in Cinelerra and I needed to load a new clip, I pressed the letter "o" to open the loading assistant, and when I loaded the file I forgot to activate the option "Create new resources only" and I gave ok having the "Replace current project" option activated.

What happened is that the project I was working on closed, with a lot of changes without saving and a new project was opened with the clip I loaded.

I resisted wasting my work time and I tried to press "z" to undo this error, and it worked, it went back ... but here comes the worst, I hurried to save the work, but something very serious happened, I don't know I saved over the xml that I was working with, but it rewritten the xml file over the video clip in .mp4, and this video was lost ... this seemed very serious to me.

My question is, to avoid these scares, is it possible that in this situation, if you have a project with changes without saving, a warning would appear indicating that the project is going to close and load the clip as a new project and that we have changes without save? This warning could have three options, continue without saving, save and continue, or cancel this process. And in case of using z to undo this change, the project should be reloaded on its corresponding xml.

Any situation that may lead to loss of files is considered serious.

If you don't understand what I mean, I can make a video reproducing the steps.
Steps To Reproduce1. Working in a project load a new video clip with the option "Replace current project" activated
2. Press "z" to undo this change
3. Press "s" to save
The result is that the video clip is overwritten with the information in the project's .xml.
Additional InformationIt would not be a bad idea to separate the wizards, with the options of uploading files on a project, one for this purpose, and another wizard to open the projects or start them. Make them separate windows, to avoid mistakes. Or in the event of the aforementioned, then make the warning that I mentioned above.
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2020-03-12 19:25

reporter   ~0002892

Anyway a warning in the situation I indicate would be something that many new users would appreciate.
As I always say, I don't know programming, maybe I'm saying nonsense.


2020-03-12 19:01

reporter   ~0002891

Thank you


2020-03-12 18:04

manager   ~0002888

We have been discussing the possibility of an Autosave feature as requested in BT # 275, item 9. However, there is a little known feature, emergency saved backup BUT it has to be used right away after a mistake. It is documented in the manual but I can see it needs clarification there.

There is still 1 more backup that may save you. If for some reason you forgot to use "Load backup" immediately when restarting or you did a Load with "replace current project" in your current session, you have a second chance to use File → Load and select $HOME/.bcast5/backup.prev as long as you only loaded a different file and have performed no editing operations.


2020-03-12 14:16

reporter   ~0002883

Thank you


2020-03-12 14:14

updater   ~0002881

Good idea, the Warnig. +1

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