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0000389Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-08-02 06:42
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Summary0000389: Why .xml and not .cin or .cingg?
DescriptionCould Cinelerra save the project files to a .cin, or cingg?
This would allow associating these with Cinelerra and being able to open them with a double click, and even put a nice icon on the project files.

I admit that I am a little "freaki" of these things :-)
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2020-08-02 06:42

reporter   ~0003860

My proposal was with the idea that Cinelerra named with this extension automatically. But it doesn't matter much either.
Thanks for your observation @quintao


2020-08-02 04:35

reporter   ~0003859

You can just rename the file extension, .cingg and it will still open with Cin.
That's because the line at the top
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
tells Cin it's an xml file.
So all it needs is a rewrite in cin to save as .cingg.


2020-03-12 20:14

reporter   ~0002894

I can only write tutorials, I am an audiovisual technician specialized in FX, but I know very little programming, just a little python, but very little. I would not know how to do what I ask. Thanks for your time.


2020-03-12 20:05

manager   ~0002893

You are right that it is feasible and after talking to GG, he says it is not out of the question. It will be left open and maybe someday another programmer will volunteer to implement this or gg will.


2020-03-12 18:59

reporter   ~0002890

The file would still be an xml and cinelerra should maintain compatibility with both extensions, xml and cingg, kdenlive, which I don't like at all uses xml files with extension .kdenlive.
The problem is that I do not understand programming and perhaps this is difficult and not feasible, but I know of applications that have changed the extension of their files while maintaining compatibility with the old ones. Like Maya 3D for example.
I mean the file content is exactly the same, only the extension changes.


2020-03-12 17:46

manager   ~0002887

Anything is possible to change and this sounds like a neat idea. But the probability of switching from .xml to .cingg would be a major change from the meaning and past, with a lot of existing .xml files from years worth of work out there. The extension of XML is based on the definition as a machine and human readable data file (XML is an acronym for Extensible Markup Language). It is formatted much like an .HTML document, but uses custom tags to define objects and the data within each object. XML files can be thought of as a structured text-based database.

It is rare to close a BT and say that it is not a future possibility, but I do not think gg would ever do this. I will get his feedback though.


2020-03-12 14:14

updater   ~0002882

Good idea. +1


2020-03-12 14:13

reporter   ~0002879

cingg seems to be free, and would be very successful.


2020-03-12 14:09

reporter   ~0002878

I think '.cin' as file extension was already taken:

This document attempts to describe the format of a Quake II cinematic sequence (a .cin file) [..]
--quote end--

*.cingg at the other hand seems to be free?

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