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0000395Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-03-25 21:43
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Summary0000395: A new option in resources
DescriptionI think Cinelerra lacks something very important to make the person who uses it easier to work with.
A new option would be very useful, in the resources window, called "Personal Resources".
This would be an access to a folder, called "Personal Resources", which will be inside the other called cinelerra, in the home, where the user can have their frequently used resources. All the folders created within it, called "Personal Resources" will be seen as a tree under this menu, as if it were a browser. Only the contents of this folder will be seen in the resource window.
The rest of the files and folders inside the folder called cinelerra will be invisible in the resources window. And this folder can be a very good place to save users' custom settings, also for extras, such as images for the ShapeWipe transition, among other things. Thus users could share their presets, lumas, etc.
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2020-03-25 21:43

reporter   ~0002958

I meant that the installation of Cinelerra, or the new update, will create a folder called Cinelerra in the user's home.
Inside this folder there will be a call "Personal Resources" that will be visible from the resources window, one more option than there are already. In this section the user will be able to put the files that he wants, to facilitate his work. These can be the logo of your videos, images for the backgrounds you use in a production of several chapters etc ...
Also within this folder called Cinelerra there may be others, for example shapes, that the wipe shape transition will be able to read by those that we have put in it. Another one of presets not to lose them if we decide to delete .bcast5 to reset the generic settings.
But most importantly, maybe this is a whim of mine about the way I work. Nor is it important to me that my ideas are carried out or not, you have to value this, and if it seems right ahead, if not, nothing happens.
It is true that the cinelerra file browser is a bit slow when you have to go from one place to another. Perhaps it would be enough to have some favorite folders in a panel of the window itself to navigate quickly from one side to the other.

PR.png (179,641 bytes)
PR.png (179,641 bytes)


2020-03-25 19:07

updater   ~0002957

Additional virtual folders can be created, to be queued to the "clips/proxy/label/media" list. I take this opportunity to ask again to create nested subfolders. I didn't really understand your request: do you create the two folders on the Hard Disk and then CinGG automatically recognizes them and loads their contents in its preset homonym folders?

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