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0000396Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-03-29 10:38
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Summary0000396: Ability to rotate the title tool
DescriptionIt would be great if the text assistant includes an option to rotate, with the pivot option at the beginning, center, or end of the inserted text. It could also be as a <rotate> tag.
Thank you very much for your excellent work with Cinelerra.
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2020-03-29 10:38

reporter   ~0002999

The developers are doing an excellent job with Cinelerra. And your solutions seem very good to me. Between all of us, we must make Cinelerra in the right place. As of today, it is the only video editor that guarantees me to work professionally in Gnu / Linux.


2020-03-29 09:49

reporter   ~0002998

Thanks to you, RafaMar.
I know my workarounds are bad and I would like new features like Andrea_paz and You.
Sometimes I have to find a special workaround with this fantastic NLE and many times developer/s make new features possible. ;-)


2020-03-27 12:18

reporter   ~0002984

Thank you very much again @IgorBeg, I am using the pivot so that the finger that I use in my tutorials rotates from the tip of the index finger, but this only works for me when the finger is static ... and on top when I have the rotate effect activated I can't drag the text ... it becomes a bit stressful situation. I wish the pivot of the rotate effect could be placed somehow directly on the monitor, as is done in the mask wizard.
I can think of an idea for this, but as always, I don't know if it's possible.
Imagine a button in the one-time effect, let me explain, a button called "Adjust pivot with mouse click" activates this button, I click on the monitor, the pivot is placed where I clicked and the button is disabled .
Thank you very much again, my ideas, (I don't know if nonsense, but the good ones) belong to you, these are born as a result of these dialogues.


2020-03-27 11:31

reporter   ~0002980

@Andrea_Paz +1
As an example I can mention the on-screen assistant that Natron has in many of its effects. That allows to move, scale, rotate. It also allows an oblique deformation, but something like that in the text assistant, a cotrol from the screen to move, scale and rotate would be wonderful.
Sorry for using other applications that I work with to give examples.
What I think would be very positive in streamlining the workflow is the ability to change numerical values by mouse drag, and use only the wheel (MMB) for precise changes.
As always remember that I don't know programming and I don't know if this is possible at Cinelerra.

natronTransform.jpg (6,427 bytes)
natronTransform.jpg (6,427 bytes)


2020-03-27 10:34

updater   ~0002979

I don't know how much is achievable, but when you activate the DRAG option, a cage is formed around the frame that we can move horizontally and vertically. If you could also act on this cage by resizing and rotating it, you could get much more flexibility. You could also add a homogeneous background limited to fonts, as was requested some time ago.


2020-03-27 09:08

reporter   ~0002978

Only for easy animations.
You can use the Pivot of the Rotate plugin. In the screencast I align the Rotate's Pivot with the Title's Pivot.
Yes, it is a bad method but sometimes it can be useful. ;-)


2020-03-26 19:34

reporter   ~0002975

Sorry, and thank you very much for the warning and recommendation. I usually use dirve from google to upload the videos, but I will test the page you recommend, since I did not know it. Now that I know I'm going to upload the video on google and put the link here, so you can delete the video. Is that I put it so that it would see a problem that I am having with when I insert the effect of rotating along with the one of titles.

Here the link of the video of the previous comment


2020-03-26 19:15

administrator   ~0002974

I have a small request. Please upload videos to video streaming platforms like Your videos are not large but with the number of users who upload videos over and over again, it grows to a considerable size which requires more storage space on the server. The streaming platforms have the advantage that our traffic goes down as well and people can watch it directly in their browser. Thanks in advance and thank you for the helpful suggestions for improvement.


2020-03-26 18:19

reporter   ~0002973

It's just that one of the problems I have when I combine the title effect with the rotate effect is that I can't drag the text anymore ... this was one of the reasons why I was asking for a rotate option. :-)

rotate+title_DragProblem_edit.mp4 (3,776,944 bytes)


2020-03-26 15:12

reporter   ~0002972

Thank you very much IgorBeg, I repeat, thank you very much. I did not know how to insert an effect into an empty track beyond the beginning, and it turns out that it is that easy, I have tried dragging it also works like this with a selection ... I will have to do an extension of the tutorial on effects to teach this. I write it down as a pending tutorial.


2020-03-26 13:42

reporter   ~0002971

If it can help, you can see my workflow in my bad (and quickly) "Titles_TrackAlone" screencast.
And Look at the two keyframes for rotate a Title.

Next time I will do a better one. ;-)


2020-03-26 11:18

reporter   ~0002968

Yes, I do that too, but the simple fact of having to rotate the text forces you to have to create an additional track to be able to combine the text with the rotation.
What I don't know how to do is put effects on an empty track beyond the beginning. To do this I must use a fully transparent png image as the base.
It comes to my mind that it would be very useful from the cinelerra itself to create an empty clip on a track to be able to put these effects beyond the beginning.
Or make a title assistant plugin that works like a video clip ... without wanting to fall into comparisons I give you an example of Olive to see something like this would be possible in cinelerra. And also note how the values ​​are changed, dragging with the mouse, this would be very good also in cinelerra.
What I feel the most is that I am just an audiovisual technician with little programming knowledge and I cannot help in this regard. Maybe I waste your time, but I like cinelerra and I think that with these ideas it can be consolidated as the benchmark in Gnu / Linux for video editing.

OliveTextExample.mp4 (2,714,921 bytes)


2020-03-26 10:21

administrator   ~0002967

I welcome this suggestion. It would greatly simplify the handling.


2020-03-26 04:09

manager   ~0002962

You can already do this by adding the Rotate plugin. See the attached.
But maybe it can be made to work more easily so GG will have to look to see if it can be done.

Screenshot from 2020-03-25 22-07-37.png (820,701 bytes)

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