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0000407Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-04-07 19:34
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Product Version2019-11 
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Summary0000407: MASK MOVEMENT
DescriptionI am trying to move Mask with ALT + left click but it is not working its moves my viewer panel and rotating of the mask also not working and also there is no option for changing the shortcut key. I am using MX Linux 19.1
please help me.
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2020-04-07 19:33

manager   ~0003115

Note (from the Manual): For some desktop window managers, certain keys may already be in use by the operating system, so you will either have to redefine them in your desktop or use different key combinations. For example, at least some desktops used with UbuntuStudio 16.04 and Arch field the Alt key, thus requiring alternative key combinations to be needed. Below are some of these alternatives:

LMB -- move/create an end point (to move the end point the pointer must be above the point)
Shift+LMB -- move an end point (the pointer may be near the point, notabove it)
Ctrl+LMB -- move/create a control point
Alt+Ctrl+LMB -- to drag translate the mask
Shift+Key Delete -- to delete the mask
Shift+MMB -- Set Pivot Point at pointer
Alt+Wheel -- zoom in/out the screen (also available in Ubuntu16 but does not exist in all distros)

Focus checkbox = unchecked:
Wheel -- rotate around Pivot Point
Shift+Wheel -- scale around Pivot Point
Ctrl+Wheel -- rotate round pointer
Ctrl+Shift+Wheel -- scale around pointer
rotate around Pivot Point

Focus checkbox = checked:
Wheel -- rotate around Pivot Point (“Custom focus point”)
Shift+Wheel -- scale around Pivot Point (“Custom focus point”)

I do not know if Ubuntu 19 works the same way as Ubuntu 16 though.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to redefine the shortcuts.


2020-04-07 18:19

updater   ~0003114

In Arch Linux you must use CTRL+ALT+LMB to translate the mask.
But not being able to do rotations I think it indicates other problems.

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