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0000409Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-04-08 20:04
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Summary0000409: Transparency is no longer transparent.
Descriptiongit 2020-04-08 02:37:17, transparency is no longer transparent.
Steps To ReproduceExperimental setup: Two video tracks. One video on track V1.
a) On track V2 a graphic with transparency (PNG, Tiff ...).
b) On track V2 Plugin Title with any text but without background image.
At "a" a black non-transparent area is displayed.
At "b" the background color of the canvas, which is defined by the user, is displayed.
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2020-04-08 20:04

reporter   ~0003131

You are great, Olaf!
You have to be a storyteller. And you are not alone
 (read ;-)
Good idea "lie in the sun and drink tea". I come with you but with mask on the face and at least 1 meter away from you (COVID-19 restrictions).


2020-04-08 15:02

reporter   ~0003129

@IgorBeg, this has a long history that I would have to tell to make it comprehensible. The short version is that all my projects are set to RGB-A-Float and I always use project templates. The last but one project dealt with problems from the user forum and no template was used. Because I found some supposed errors in it and I didn't find any, I started another project today, after a segv to wake up and the following update, to be on the safe side, also without a template. I hadn't even thought about checking the format settigs, after all the rest was right. Immediately after I clicked on submit here, it suddenly hit me. But it was too late. I can't delete the ticket and I can't change it and now I have to live with this shame until the end of my days and nobody will ever believe me again.

I could ask now, for what reason settings without transparency are offered at all, but that sounds like an excuse at this point anyway. The same goes for the titler and intentional free spaces in the timeline which are then rendered in the respective color of the canvas. It's not supposed to be my problem.

I need some space, I uninstalled CGG and I'm going to do what I'm good at for a while, lie in the sun and drink tea.


2020-04-08 12:02

reporter   ~0003124

On UbuntuStudio_16.04 (CIn by git 2020-04-08 02:37:17) with your test it works fine.

@Olaf, could you check these, please (my setup):
1) Settings/Preferences.../PerformanceTab-> Use HW Device: None
2) Settings/Preferences.../Playback_A-> Video Out-> Video Driver: X11 (checked, use direct X11 render if possible)
3) Settings/Format..-> Video-> Color Model: YUVA-8bit, RGBA-8bit, RGBA-FLOAT

If in Point 3 I use YUV-8bit or RGB-8bit, of course I have not alpha channel and I see like you have described in summary.

If no one above help you, excuse me.


2020-04-08 08:50

reporter   ~0003121

Done, partly, but whatever. What a theatre, all I see are bugs, the trust is obviously gone. This can't go on.

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