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0000413Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-05-16 00:58
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Summary0000413: The dividing track line in a different color
DescriptionFrom the very beginning, I have been bothered by the new dividing line of video and audio tracks that was introduced a few months ago. I constantly confuse this line with the other lines I can display. From a designer's perspective, I would have solved it differently. It is only a small change but with a big effect. By the way, other NLEs solve it in a similar way.

The background I would have just made a little bit brighter. The dividing line for it completely black. Because of this change, the dividing line doesn't seem so dominant anymore and you can still see the different tracks. It defuses the extremely hard contrast between white line and completely black background.




2020-05-16 00:58

manager   ~0003427

We are still looking for a viable solution that satisfies everybody but that is never easy.


2020-05-16 00:44

administrator   ~0003426


Is there any possibility to improve this point in any way? This hard dividing line really irritates me extremely and is very annoying. It causes more confusion for me than it helps. If my suggestion is not possible, then I would be very happy if I can disable this line, as it was before this feature was introduced, I had no problems with it.

One user requested this feature, but as Igor and also I have said, this feature disturbs other users in the workflow, so it is more a personal preference of the user than a general improvement. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to follow this development at that time and therefore didn't have any objections. I hope you'll reconsider this request, because it's no fun to work in the timeline if something keeps catching your eye. Thanks in advance.


2020-04-16 21:38

administrator   ~0003202

I have made a few screenshots to illustrate that my suggestion is actually common practice. Separation lines are rarely made light, but dark. Just like a trench is not light but dark, a dividing line is made darker than light.

The screenshots show KdenLive, Olive, Shotcut and Avid Media Composer. Background is usually a little bit brighter, so it's not completely black, but the dividing line is almost completely black.

kdenlive.png (25,939 bytes)
kdenlive.png (25,939 bytes)
olive.png (10,159 bytes)
olive.png (10,159 bytes)
shotcut.png (79,429 bytes)
shotcut.png (79,429 bytes)
avid.png (11,614 bytes)
avid.png (11,614 bytes)


2020-04-16 20:27

administrator   ~0003201

Why not let the user choose the colour himself? Just as I can choose the color of the background in the compositor, it would be logical and obvious to be able to set it in the main window of Cinelerra. I would also introduce this option with the separator.

There are people with different good eyes. Here it is almost impossible to find a reasonable balance.The best way would be if everyone can decide for himself. I can see very well and this bright dividing line is very uncomfortable for my perception and I would appreciate it if I could choose the colour black. For people who need a stronger contrast, they can make it brighter according to their perception. This line has bothered me from the beginning, not because it is there, but because the color scheme doesn't fit my taste. But you can always argue about taste.


2020-04-16 19:51

manager   ~0003200

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If Ugin (preobraz) agrees since this was his request and he does not ask for much, what do you think about this alternative? See attached. The band idea that IgorBeg proposed in his email on Sept. 5, 2019 for Timeline Borders is nice and Ugin agreed with that BUT it requires a whole lot of boring work to create for each theme and I am unwilling to spend time on that.

grab_20200416-134711.png (3,497,375 bytes)


2020-04-16 07:46

reporter   ~0003195

I agree completely with @Sam. Every time I confuse the lines, sorry.
Is possible to do an option of this line? (I use SUV theme)


2020-04-16 01:03


Trackline_black.jpg (69,545 bytes)
Trackline_black.jpg (69,545 bytes)
Trackline_white.jpg (71,441 bytes)
Trackline_white.jpg (71,441 bytes)

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