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0000414Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-04-26 03:39
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSLinux MIntOS Version19.3
Product Version2020-03 
Target VersionFixed in Version2020-04 
Summary0000414: Shortcut K fails
DescriptionThe keyboard shortcut K, to go to the next keyframe, in the right direction, fails.
This is so when the effect situation is not at the beginning. Or in a jump between effects.
In left direction (Ctrl K) it goes perfect.
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2020-04-26 03:39

manager   ~0003307

Several people have verified. This fix will be in the April 30th builds.


2020-04-25 19:03

reporter   ~0003306

"and thanks IgorBeg: lately I'm forcing you to a super work of advice that you have to give me!"

Don't worry Andrea. If I can, I do it. And like detective Colombo (alias Peter Falk) I go by deduction.


2020-04-25 17:15

reporter   ~0003305

@Andrea_Paz I forgot to quote something that was important to me to learn these keyboard shortcuts. Adding the Shift key to any combination produces a selection between the cursor positions and the next or previous keyframe. And so on each time it is pressed. You can check this on page 460 of the Cinelerra GG manual.
Greetings @Andrea_Paz and @IgorBeg


2020-04-25 17:07

reporter   ~0003304

A thousand pardons @Andrea_Paz for not having intervened before. "K" and "Ctrl K" only work with effect keyframes. For the other keyframes the shortcuts are "Alt A" and "Ctrl + Alt A". Sorry, because now I understand why it didn't work for you. Sorry.


2020-04-25 16:48

manager   ~0003303

As usual, I hadn't figured it out... With Mask tool the shortcuts k and CTRL+k don't work; with the Fade curve they don't work and instead with the plugins' keyframes they work well. Excuse me for the umpteenth time. (and thanks IgorBeg: lately I'm forcing you to a super work of advice that you have to give me!)


2020-04-25 14:25

reporter   ~0003302

Excuse me if I ask you again. Maybe I wrong.
In the video track, are there automatic keyframes (like Fade, Projector, Camera) or plugin keyframes?


2020-04-25 14:13

manager   ~0003301

No, I've tried several tracks, changing arm/disarm several times.


2020-04-25 08:05

reporter   ~0003297

With build by git "Fri, 24 Apr 2020 19:24:52 +0200 (11:24 -0600)" on UbuntuStudio_16.04 it works fine.

Could it be that your track is disArmed?


2020-04-24 21:21

manager   ~0003295

Yes, lower case. But I also tried SHIFT with the same result.


2020-04-24 19:51

manager   ~0003294

Are you using lower case k? If so, then we will have to try it on Arch instead to see if that is a problem.
Thanks for the correction.


2020-04-24 19:40

manager   ~0003293

Unfortunately both before and after this release the K shortcut takes me to the end of the track, while CTRL+K takes me to the beginning of the track. I think it's KDE's fault. I'm not used to using shortcuts, I think if I looked at all of them I would find a lot of changes.

PS: @Phyllis
I noticed the graticula IQ has the letters all messed up. I enclose a correction png.

IQ.png (48,043 bytes)
IQ.png (48,043 bytes)


2020-04-24 17:28

manager   ~0003292

A fix has been generated and will be in the April 30th builds. Maybe Andrea or IgorBeg who do their own builds, may be able to check earlier.


2020-04-19 22:33

reporter   ~0003222

Thank you very much, you are the best.


2020-04-19 22:25

manager   ~0003221

OK, I was able to follow your video and create the bug. GG will be looking at it today yet.

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