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0000418Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-06-24 21:33
ReporterMatN Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version19.3
Product Version2020-03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000418: Audio resources displayed severely to the right in Viewer
DescriptionIf in Ressources, you import an mp3 audio file, and draw it to the Viewer, then the first part is zero. The timeline in the viewer is correct (tried with a 4:37 musci file), and it plays normally. But in the viewer the audio waveform doesn't rise from 0 until about 0:40 .
On the main timeline it is correct.
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2020-06-24 21:33

manager   ~0003648

Works as designed and manual now corrected.


2020-06-24 20:12

reporter   ~0003646

This looks OK in the manual.
I suggest to close this issue.


2020-05-14 01:15

manager   ~0003420

I updated the GIT for the manual to add a short section at the end of the 4+Windows, Viewer section describing what you will see with audio. I can't believe I had not put this in Features5 and already carried it over to the Latex manual, but apparently not.

About -- "And should playback then not be inhibited?" - no because this is the only way to play audio without having to load it to the timeline. That is you can "pre-View" it. It was a good enhancement to the old-fashioned Cinelerra.

About the confusion of -- " the red vertical line at the bottom moves along, but has no relation to the displayed waveform." That would be convenient too but very hard to implement. The important thing to pay attention to is the rolling of the timestamp number in the bottom right hand corner of the Viewer -- it gives you an idea of how far in you have to go to get to the part that you want AND you can make a clip of just that section. I do not know what else you can do -- splice? overwrite? -- as I have never tested that but it would be interesting to learn and add to the manual also.


2020-05-13 20:05

manager   ~0003418

I finally found the original request in CV archived mail (but I had already forwarded the 2 original requests from email to MatN's).

It may not be totally as expected but the Viewer just was not designed to be the same thing as the Audio track on the timeline. I will update the documentation to explain better. Thanks for suggesting that.


2020-05-13 09:49

reporter   ~0003413

So, if I understand correctly, for audio the viewer shows just a larger version of what is in the thumbnail?
If that was a request, fine, but should it not be documented? And should playback then not be inhibited? Because what I find confusing is that if you play it in the viewer, the red vertical line at the bottom moves along, but has no relation to the displayed waveform.


2020-05-08 00:45

manager   ~0003388

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In February 2018, code was added to display an image of the audio waveform that is currently in the Viewer It is the first few samples similar to that shown in the thumbnail in the Resources window (per a Sam suggestion). It was not meant to be anything other than a quick representation of the waveform so that a user could visually see if it was the audio that was expected as it allowed for seeing a larger waveform than could be seen in the Resources window thumbnail representation. It purposely does not start the waveform at 0 so that it does not mislead the user into thinking it is the entire waveform.

But perhaps I misunderstand. In the attached png, the Viewer in the top left hand corner shows the audio (red line) starting at about 0.00:18.12. If you look in the lower right hand corner Resources window, you will see that the thumbnail image is the same representation. Please let me know if this is sufficient explanation or if I am totally misunderstanding the issue. Input file was 'mp3++mp3++Avril Lavigne - Complicated.mp3' froma ffmpeg test file problems website under samples/archive/audio/mp3 .

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