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0000423Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-05-07 21:59
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSGnu/LinuxOS VersionMint 19.3
Product Version2020-03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000423: I don't know how to classify this error
DescriptionI am going to write a tutorial on the tracks and shared effects and I have started to play with these options ... cutting and pasting I have caused a sudden crash (closure) of Cinelerra.
But my surprise was when I reopened the app and when loading the backup, it caused the sudden closure again. I have attached the .xml file that causes this failure in my system in case this can help.
Tagsbug, Crash




2020-05-07 21:59

reporter   ~0003386

Thank you very much for your good work


2020-05-07 21:44

manager   ~0003385

A fix was generated and checked into GIT a couple of days ago. This will be included in the May 31 monthly builds. Now when you open that file or create that situation, you will get an error message similar to:
  "circular references, track #, plugin_set 0, plugin 0"
You will be able to use the file that you sent as a demonstration of the problem except the circular reference to a shared track will be eliminated and you will be informed of the problem.


2020-04-30 08:22

reporter   ~0003349

No problem, I don't think a user will do this series of games that I do when I test functionalities to test the ends of the tools. When I wrote tutorials for Kdenlive, this bad toy, many paragraphs were devoted to getting around mistakes and how to work with them. His development team never showed much interest in my bug notifications. But this is other history... This is why I am surprised that you take mistakes very seriously. I like this, because it must be so. But in this specific case there is no rush.


2020-04-30 04:15

manager   ~0003348

GG found the problem, Video 1 shares a track with Video 3 and that point to each other causing recursion. A fix was created but it is too invasive and must be tested a lot more before it can be added into the code so will have to wait.


2020-04-29 18:53

reporter   ~0003337

"doing the donkey" is a very Spanish expression, it means making nonsense. :-)


2020-04-29 15:22

manager   ~0003336

GG has already looked at this. It is in an infinite loop. I think he has enough information to find the coding error and fix it.
I do not know what "doing the donkey" means.


2020-04-29 15:12

reporter   ~0003335

I was doing the "donkey" with Cinelerra, I was not surprised that it closed, what has surprised me is that the backup has been corrupted.


2020-04-29 14:45

manager   ~0003334

I will look at this now in hopes that we can figure out the problem before doing the monthly builds tomorrow.


2020-04-29 14:38


backup.prev (23,461 bytes)
backup.xml (23,461 bytes)

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