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0000430Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-08-03 08:44
Reporterfary54 Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version2020-03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000430: Bug in nested asset length ?
DescriptionIn the timeline, when changing a nested asset, the lenght is not updated.
Steps To ReproduceSee the video
TagsAssetedit, bug, EDL, nesting




2020-08-03 08:44

updater   ~0003873

Yes, I confirm the issues.


2020-08-03 06:19

reporter   ~0003868

I just tested on the latest version of GG. You're right, now the lengths are correct.

@Phyllis smith
Congratulations on the fix.
But @Andrea_Paz is right about audio tracks, the length is well resolved but the content update is not

1) First problem:
-I create the clip with 4 audio tracks and then turn it into nested clip.
-I move the nested clip on the main timeline, the timeline display 4 audio tracks of the same length as the video, but the contents of the audio tracks does not match the audio tracks of the nested clip.
(see video 1)

2) Second problem:
-I create the clip with 2 audio tracks and then turn it into nested clip.
-I move the nested clip on the main timeline
-I modify the nested clip by inserting a silence (MAJ - space)
-I'm leaving open_edl
In the main timeline the lengths are correct, audio too but the audio tracks not update correctly
(see video 2)

3) Thirth problem:
-I create the clip with 2 audio tracks and then turn it into nested clip.
-I move the nested clip on the main timeline
In the main timeline the lengths are correct, audio too but the render the video timeline out of sync with the audio. Maybe the same update issue as issue 2
(see video 3)

To sum up: Congrulation, the length issue seems to have been resolved, but there are still a few small update issues to be resolved and it will be fine.

video 1.webm (1,315,667 bytes)
video 2.webm (1,347,562 bytes)
video 3.webm (700,274 bytes)


2020-07-31 15:47

manager   ~0003858

Thanks so much for an early test so we feel comfortable doing the builds today.
The 2 versus 4 audio track problem with nesting is because of the Format settings being 2 channel instead of 4 so you need to change the Format for 4 audio channels. However, there is a bug when you have the multiple audio tracks nested that they are incorrectly shown. This is an unrelated bug and a new issue needs to be generated.


2020-07-31 06:32

updater   ~0003857

My test, repeating fary54's steps, is OK. Now the length is right, both the video and audio tracks.

I wanted to point something out: I started with a project that has a video track and 4 two-channel audio tracks. When I create the clip and then turn it into nested clip, it has the video track and only 2 audio tracks, not 4.
If instead I modify the project leaving the 4 audio tracks but setting 4 audio channels, then the nested clip will correctly report all 4 audio tracks.
Is this correct?


2020-07-31 01:48

manager   ~0003856

Since Andrea compiles from the GIT, if he gets a chance to try this -- a fix has been checked in to also change the length of the audio. It included quite a few changes to make this work and for making it consistent . This fix will be included in the builds scheduled to be created July 31. However, very little "real" testing has been done so remember that if there are problems, last month's build is kept for one month.


2020-07-03 13:20

manager   ~0003725

Sorry for a further delay -- we have not forgotten this and will attempt to get something done about it this month.


2020-07-03 06:45

reporter   ~0003723

@Phyllis smith
I just redo the test on the last version of July. I confirm that there is no change regarding the audio. The bug is still present.


2020-06-01 17:50

manager   ~0003545

How did I miss that? Oh, I see -- my demo had no audio. Will work on a fix.


2020-06-01 08:23

reporter   ~0003539


I just installed the May 31 version of cinelerra. After examination, the video problem is well resolved. However, the audio tracks remain unchanged.
Another little effort and it's good.

See the video

bug-2.webm (2,452,845 bytes)


2020-05-29 23:02

manager   ~0003518

OK, I did not run my test correctly and now I have correctly tested on the Debian 10 tar file that you used and it works when I did it right. You can see how I followed your steps 1-3, 5-7 in your bug.webm.

So it really should work for you also. The important thing that GG mentioned is that clips are always just copies so you have to be sure to drag the actual nested clip to the timeline and use OpenEDL on that. This is what I finally got right and then after OpenEDL, I did a cut of a large section, and popped back up from level 1 to level 0 and the dragged nested clip on the timeline was shortened also. However, what I got wrong was that I expected the original clip that I had also dragged to the timeline to be cut also, and that is not true because it is only a copy.

I tried 3 different times with each time working correctly. However, I did find another problem which is that when you pop back up, the thumbnails on the timeline were in cache so looked wrong even though it shows the correct video in the compositor. GG will try to get this fixed today.

P.S. I played the big red ball scene twice because I just think it is so funny.


2020-05-29 16:59

manager   ~0003514

You did everything right. We did something wrong here but I do not know what --- yet. I will have to found out what went wrong.


2020-05-29 12:03

reporter   ~0003510

I install the file like this:

$ cd ~ /Téléchargements
$ wget
$ mkdir /tmp/cin
$ cd /tmp/cin
$ tar -xJf ~ /Téléchargements/cinelerra-5.1-debian10-x86_64-static.txz

I don't find /tmp/cin/bin/cin but I find /tmp/cin.
I decide to start by typing /tmp/cin.

After many testing, there is no difference. The bug is still there.

I look for the version of this cinelerraGG and for me it's the same as mine (built: Apr30 2020).

Is the good file ? or i'm wrong somewhere.


2020-05-28 18:14

manager   ~0003503

If you would like to do just a quick test, that would be helpful but ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME. GG and I come from a computer program background and are not very proficient in NLE editing like people who use this for actual creation of artistic videos. First just download:
You can just install this in /tmp on a temporary basis (until the computer reboots and deletes it) and it does not interfere with your 20200430 installation of Cinelerra.

To use the single user builds, download the tarball and unpack as indicated:
   cd /path #(for example, substitute /tmp for /path)
   mkdir cin #(so that your location directory would be /tmp/cin)
   cd cin
   tar -xJf /$HOME/Downloads/cinelerra-5.1-debian10-x86_64-static.txz #(if downloaded to $HOME/Downloads)

Then to start Cinelerra, you would do so from a window by typing:
    /tmp/cin/bin/cin #(if /tmp/cin is where bin is located)


2020-05-28 06:29

reporter   ~0003488

Ok for the principle. My operating system is Debian 10 and I use the version of cinelerraGG 1: 5.1.20200430


2020-05-28 02:51

manager   ~0003485

A mod was checked into GIT which seems to fix this problem. I did minimal testing and it would be helpful if you could also -- if you let us know which operating system and version you are using we could build a static tar for that and if you would be willing to make a cursory test.


2020-05-14 01:42

manager   ~0003421

You are right again -- it is a bug. GG will work on it but this one is more involved than the last bug you found. Will update you when he finds a good solution. Thanks for finding this -- the OpenEDL is also a relatively new feature and would benefit from more usage and more testing.


2020-05-13 09:49


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