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0000435Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-07-08 21:51
ReporterArchBug Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020-04 
Target VersionFixed in Version2020-05 
Summary0000435: Error with Library on ArchLinux
DescriptionDear cinelerra-community,
I highly appreciate your work and efforts you do for this great project.

I'd like to report the following bug:

Operating System: Arch Linux, up to date on May 18th

When executing "$ cin" in the terminal it throws back
>> cin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

According to my research this library seems to be part of the openexr-Package.

$sudo pacman -Qs openexr
gives me
>> local/openexr 2.5.1-1
    An high dynamic-range image file format library

according to the ArchLinux-Website the openexr-Package indeed contains a file called "usr/lib/" which seems to be the file cinelerra demands, but in a newer version.

I hope this helps you!
Steps To ReproduceOpen a terminal in ArchLinux with cinelerra installed and execute $ cin
Tagsbug, libIlmImf, library-error




2020-07-08 21:51

manager   ~0003772

Forgot to close earlier, but better late than never.


2020-05-26 12:56

manager   ~0003474

Will close this after May 31 when monthly builds are done. (Thanks for testing to make sure all will be good).


2020-05-26 07:06

reporter   ~0003472

I've tested the package for the local installation and luckily it's running well :)


2020-05-20 10:54

reporter   ~0003454

thank you for your efforts! I will test the test package build these days and post whether this package is doing fine.


2020-05-19 15:34

manager   ~0003448

It builds from 2.4 because that build uses the thirdparty directory libraries which we have not updated to 2.5 yet.


2020-05-19 07:11

updater   ~0003447

Curiosity: since I compile from source (in Arch), I didn't have any library problems. Does this mean that when I compile CinGG, the newest library in the system is used?


2020-05-18 18:55

manager   ~0003446

Arch was updated on our build computer and a new package was created. We did note that as you stated it now uses: usr/lib/
A test package build is at:
If you want to check it out. We did not actually try it due to time constraints here and you will have to do a local package install to install it after un-tarring the downloaded file.

Let us know if any further problems. We use Fedora so are not as Arch-savvy as you probably are.


2020-05-18 13:29

manager   ~0003443

Yes, this helps us! As you well know, Arch is continuously updating. But we only create an Arch build once a month based on the Arch O/S as it exists around the 29th or 30th of the month. So when arch updates a library that is being used by cinelerra, we are out of sync and end up with exactly the type of scenario you found.

So when we hear of this, gg will update Arch and create a static tar so that is a user does not want to wait until the next Arch build, they can use that temporarily.

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