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0000436Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-05-28 02:19
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSLinuxOS VersionMint 19.3
Product Version2020-04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000436: Changing speed has an error
DescriptionWhen I use the change of value by means of a numerical value, if I do not have the mouse cursor over the assistant, the speed change is not done correctly. The clip accelerates, but maintains its duration, it does not respect the input and output of the clip.
I don't know how to explain it, but I have attached a video where you can see the problem I'm having with this tool.




2020-05-28 02:19

manager   ~0003482

A fix has been checked into GIT for the original problem. GG duplicated the video problem and was able to correct it with this fix. I have not been able to verify this myself.

For the other commentary, this will be taken into consideration in future modifications.


2020-05-25 21:32

reporter   ~0003471

Regarding the previous message, I understand that if on a track the speed changes the clip moves because the speed changes throughout the track, but users do not expect this, when a user needs to change the speed it is because he needs to adjust some images to a voice over, or whatever, and you don't expect the clip to scroll at its start, what you expect is for it to be longer or shorter. I can do a tutorial explaining how to use this speed change method without going crazy. But I think users will jump for joy if they can change the speed affecting only the desired clip, without affecting the entire track.
At the beginning I wasted a lot of time with the speed changes in Cinelerra, now I dominate it a little more, but it is not a good method.
I apologize for saying things as I see them, but in my work it is like that, we always tell ourselves the truth, because only with this one advances.
Greetings again.


2020-05-25 21:21

reporter   ~0003470

Another problem that users are having with the speed change line is that when you change the speed the clip moves, and I see this as an error. I solve it by creating three keyframes, one a frame before the clip, one just at the start, and one at the second frame from where I manipulate time. But people are not usually so skillful and despair with these things. That is why I asked that, apart from this line, if you want to keep it, Cinelerra had an effect or tool to change the speed to a single clip, and if this is audio and timestretch on top, it would be wonderful. But please, these are proposals that I think would be very welcome for users, but it is not for me to decide whether or not these tools should be included. It would also be perfect if the camera had rotation, because a real camera can be rotated without the need for the rotation effect. But I do not know if this can be added with 15 minutes of time or requires many hours ... I do not know how to program.
See video with the speed change error.


2020-05-24 18:22

manager   ~0003467

There are a couple of issues. Not important, but could you send me the video file so I can play with it to get the before results and hopefully the after fix results? You have my email address but only send it if you have time and feel like it.


2020-05-19 21:20

reporter   ~0003452



2020-05-19 20:42

administrator   ~0003451

Thanks for the second video. I was able to reproduce the bug and thus confirm it.


2020-05-19 20:17

reporter   ~0003450

Something is wrong with this tool, look at what happens when I change the value without having the mouse over it, but then I pass it over the wizard and it gives a wrong result again, even if I close the wizard by pressing Enter.


2020-05-19 19:35

administrator   ~0003449

As far as I have understood it, it is necessary to confirm the input with the Enter key. When changing with the mouse the behaviour is correct that the change is immediately visible. When entering the numbers, however, it always requires the Enter key. The reason for this is that you can make a typing error and still have the opportunity to correct it. If you are sure of your input, then you confirm it with the Enter key. Therefore it is not a mistake but on purpose my guess. It is however my personal interpretation of this behaviour.

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