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0000437Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-06-01 20:06
ReporterMatN Assigned Togoodguy  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version19.3
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version2020-05 
Summary0000437: Release 2020-04: Crash when using effect f_drawgrid with preset rule-of-3rds.
DescriptionCinGG reliably crashes when I do this.
Steps To Reproduce- Load 10 minute 1080p30 video, "replace current project". Video plays fine. Video has 2 audio tracks.
- Draw effect f_drawgrid onto it.
- Open "preset edit" of the effect.
- Select "rule-of-3rds", click Apply.
- Crash. dump attached.
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2020-05-28 02:35

manager   ~0003483

The fix for the crash has been checked into GIT.
The manual has been updated for f_drawgrid to notify of the right and bottom borders not being visible and the workaround as Mat has found.


2020-05-22 22:09

manager   ~0003466

I thought it might be a bug but it is NOT in Cinelerra. It works the same in Cinelerra as it does on the command line. See the attached png file. The ffmpeg line I used is:
  ffmpeg -i /root/media/tutorial.mp4 -filter:v drawgrid=thickness=6:[email protected] video22.mp4
and using the same input tutorial.mp4 file in Cinelerra after a Reset with f_drawgrid and just changing the thickness and color, I get the same results.

Meanwhile DeJay has also noted the Preset problem more recently in the Forum.

bothshown.png (1,186,444 bytes)


2020-05-20 13:51

reporter   ~0003455

My, that was quick, thanks!
I do not know if it is related, but if you just draw the effect on the video, it is supposed to frame the video with a line of "thickness" . You can see the line more easily changing the color to "red" or so. This line however is only visible on the top and left, there is no line at bottom or right. This is not according to the documentation at .
You can get around if for just a border by using a greater thickness (say 3), and specifying a negative value for x and y (-2) .
But if you use width=iw/3 and height=ih/3, you get the thicker lines everywhere except on the borders. E.g. try with thickness 20, and offsets -11 . Looks not nice, the difference in thickness.
It almost seems that two "thicknesses" are added at top and left. The grid lines should overwrite the video, I think.


2020-05-19 23:33

manager   ~0003453

Thank you for the exact set of steps so we could easily reproduce it. GG has generated a fix and it will be checked into GIT soon.


2020-05-19 20:41


cinelerra_5218.dmp (81,659 bytes)

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