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0000439Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-05-27 11:48
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Summary0000439: Add capability of "Change Tempo" like plugin
DescriptionTo make speed changes to the audio without changing the pitch it would be beneficial to have something like a "Change tempo" plugin - it would need to be intuitive with the option to do it automatically when you they make speed changes.
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2020-05-27 11:48

reporter   ~0003479

No, this is too laborious for a simple change of speed. And it doesn't automatically adjust the clip to its new duration.

The audio does not do its job well, the audio has stopped playing.

Sorry that the example so that you understand what I mean I have used Olive, because in Cinelerra I do not know the way to do it.

I know there is the option of the track speed change line, but this is very difficult to hit in these situations and it desynchronizes the whole project. Although dedicating time and work you can do the same, but with more effort than it should be in modern video editors.


2020-05-27 09:49

administrator   ~0003478

With the help of the ReframeRT plugin you can already change the speed of a single video clip without changing the track length. Here is a video about it. Maybe this is what you are looking for?


2020-05-27 08:10

reporter   ~0003477

Olive's developers have copied the premiere method. (Olive is a clone of Adobe Premiere). When changing the speed to a video clip that is grouped with an audio, there is an option to keep the audio pitch (Timestretch).

This could be a wizard called, Speed ​​change, which is opened by right-clicking on the clip.

This window can be very simple and have only three options
- Percentage of change where 100% is its initial value
- The option to invert the video clip, this would not affect the audio.
- Timestretch, to maintain the tone in the audio, when the speed change is made to an audio clip.

What sometimes does not integrate very well, in some free editors that I have tried, is that when we slow down a clip it increases its length, and if it has clips after which we change the speed, they should move.

I told you this because I think that today it is very basic to be able to manipulate the speed of a certain clip.

It is true that Cinelerra already has a magnificent speed change system, but this affects the entire track, not a single clip, and requires knowing how to use it accurately to achieve an optimal result. I think that both options can coexist in Cinelerra for the good of the users.

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