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0000444Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-10-12 17:59
Reporterfary54 Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformX86_64OSDebianOS Version10.4
Product Version2020-04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000444: Bug wayland ?
DescriptionLaunch the acquisition window, check the box video editor.

When gnome-shell is started in Xorg you can record everything you see.
When gnome-shell is started in Wayland, you can only see and record the position of the mouse cursor.

I did the test on several different computers and the observation is the same.

Is it a bug ? Is wayland totaly implemented ?
Steps To ReproduceSee the videos




2020-10-12 17:59

manager   ~0004251

Closing as alternative suggestions have been provided and we currently do not have any Wayland loaded computers to look at. Will add the BT # to the other Wayland open ticket.


2020-06-12 17:49

manager   ~0003595

Good to know information. Looks like this has been solved well enough. Thank you.
Is it OK to close this issue as with the security checks needed for Wayland, I do not think Cinelerra will ever be able to tackle this? We do still have issue 0000122 open for better testing later too.


2020-06-12 06:47

reporter   ~0003591

First of all a big thank you for your quick and complete response.
Reading your explanations, I understand better that Wayland does not allow screen recording.
I will therefore use the applications offered by you when I am not using Xorg.


2020-06-12 03:39

reporter   ~0003587

Screen recording in Wayland isn't trivial as it does not allow anything to record the screen without proper security check. I am aware of only a few working programs that can record the screen in Wayland (may help with further info about how to fix it, if wanted):
- Gnome shell can record the screen via a keyboard shortcut, but it is limited to a few seconds by default, and it displays a red circle in the title bar indicating that the screen is being recorded
- There is an OBS plugin that works with Wayland -
- GreenRecorder, that is written in Python, can do it. This fork has been updated recently and works:
- Peek app can record an area of the screen enclosed by its own window (it cannot record the whole screen, and it is always visible)


2020-06-03 13:03

manager   ~0003557

It has never been thoroughly tested. We just tried it here as shown in issue 0000122 but the user most interested in it at the time, is no longer available. It was tested again about 6 months ago and the issue was not updated then as I think the conversation about it was in the mailing list. I will look for that and see what kind of information may be pertinent.

In other words, most likely you are correct in your discovery but this is going to be pretty low priority due to overwhelming other problems.


2020-06-03 12:02


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