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0000450Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-06-14 08:21
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Summary0000450: Keyframes look deformed
DescriptionWhen I create new keyframes for example in the fade line, the small squares look deformed when they are at the top or bottom of the track. In other places they look perfect. Sometimes I have the difficulty to recognize them correctly. I think there would be a better representation if the small squares were placed above the line. Actually it seems that the line is placed above the squares and therefore creates this very ugly effect. I think the small squares should always be displayed correctly without looking so deformed.
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2020-06-14 08:21

reporter   ~0003607

I agree with you about "My hope is that the white track dividing line will disappear...".


2020-06-13 12:32

administrator   ~0003600

I think your suggestion is very good. +1
That would be one way to better see the lines at the top or bottom.

My hope is that the white track dividing line will disappear as well, because it disturbs me a lot while working. I always confuse it with the other lines.


2020-06-13 08:24

reporter   ~0003599

I think you are right, Sam.
Maybe, could it be better if the max and the min value, draw on the track, were some pixels under the top and over the bottom?

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